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Electronic cigarette headlines, news and current events

Hey all! Dawn here again! Over the last few weeks, the electronic cigarette summit has taken up a large swath of our time and focus. While it’s a great event that is chalked full of great information, it also means we miss some very important electronic cigarette headlines. Today we are going to look back at the last few weeks in the e-cigarette industry and see what we missed and what we can learn. Electronic…

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News Report; The US Congress Commissioned a Report on Electronic Cigarettes

Hey all, Dawn here your A Clean Cigarette blogger. I had intended to do a blog about how some moron out there had the boneheaded idea to break open a Tide Pod (Yes, Laundry Detergent…smh) then he poured the liquid in to a tank model vapor unit and inhaled it into his lungs. However, a piece of SPECTACULAR news regarding electronic cigarettes broke this afternoon and it is far too important to wait. So, all…

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