Some health organizations are starting to hear what we have been saying!

CleanCigaretteLogo(13Happy Saturday all Dawn here and I really hope you are having a great weekend so far. Everyday I get on this blog and chat about something e-cigarette related. We have talked about a ton of different electronic cigarette topics ranging from whats in them to what studies have been done on them.

I spend a huge amount of time working to inform you about the simple facts surrounding electronic cigarettes. Things like when you make the switch to an electronic cigarette you are getting everything you want out of a burning tobacco cigarette without the tar, 600 ingredients and 4000 chemicals found in them. To put it simply it’s not about quitting. It’s about switching at least to start with.

Whether you eventually decide to walk away from nicotine completely or not, as soon as you have made the switch, you are burning tobacco free.  I cannot say what health effects you will have from being burning tobacco free, but not inhaling 600 ingredients, 4,000 chemicals and tar seems to do a lot for people’s quality of life.  Don’t take it from me though. Here are a couple of our amazing customers with a little to say on the subject.

Annette Brauher – “I smoked for almost 30 years and stopped smoking because I had a stroke 4 years ago. I quit for 2 years and started again after my grandson passed away. I knew I had to quit again or I was going to die. I didn’t want that for my family. Thanks to A Clean Cigarette and the Alma Team I love this product and I can breathe so much better now. I’m able to workout and take care of my health. I tell everyone that smokes that they can quit with A Clean Cigarette because I did and I love this Product!”

-Carolyn (Jamaica) Sammons – “I smoked tobacco for 5 years straight. I did not know how long I would continue to keep smoking until my coughing and health started to get very serious. I switched over to the e-cigarette and I never turned back to tobacco ever again. A Clean Cigarette brought whole new cleanliness to my life. I feel much better now and with less coughing. I recommend everyone to hurry and switch to A Clean Cigarette. I wouldn’t change it for anything!”

Tar in a Jar. Lets keep it there instead of in our lungs!
Tar in a Jar. Lets keep it there instead of in our lungs!

They can say what we cannot. We appreciate every single one of our customers that share their successes with us, and a ton do. We love hearing how by changing the way they get their nicotine delivered, they change so much in their lives. Just cutting the tar out of the nicotine delivery method of your choice is enough to help you see real differences.

Typically, I do not just drone on about all the things we have talked about in the past. I try to be current. So by now in the blog I am hoping you are wondering where I am going with all of this. Am I just doing a reminder page or is there some nugget of new news or information that I am looking to share with you?

We sure do!

As I was browsing through today’s electronic cigarette news updates I found something that I just have to share! I mean how could I not when any of the world’s “powers that be” start to open their eyes to the simple truths we keep trying to inform the world about?  So today I would like to say:


“Why?” You say. I am glad you asked! Today in Wales the a Royal Society of Health’s public report was released that states, “the Welsh Government’s ban for e-cigarettes in public places “flies in the face” of scientific evidence.” That means a leading health organization is finally seeing what we have seen all along!! They went on to say “This report completely flies in the face of the Welsh Labour Government’s plans. In fact, it backs up what Welsh Liberal Democrats have said all along: these devices can help people give up smoking, and banning them could cause more harm than good.” 

Holy crap that’s amazing! If you are interested in reading the entire article Click Here. 

Well I think it is obvious why I had to sneak this little bit of news onto my blog! Here at A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes we have been trying to help educate the medical world in hopes that they will want to get behind us in the battle against burning tobacco. Some have, some have not. We understand. Today though with this announcement things may be speeding up on the education front! I am more than a bit excited!

Well thank you so much for stopping in, I hope this news excites you as much as it does me! If you have any questions drop me an e-mail to I love to help, and will always do my very best to find you answers to what ever questions you may have. I also love to hear ideas on electronic cigarette topics you want to hear about. So If you have any requests please feel free to let me know!!

If you are interested in finding out more about making the switch off burning tobacco and onto an updated nicotine delivery system check out our website, Thank you so much for visiting! See you again soon I hope! Don’t forget to share these blogs and help spread the e-cig word!





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