So what do some in the media have to say about PHE’s report claiming e-cigs are 95% less harmful then burning tobacco?

CleanCigaretteLogo(13Hello all, Dawn here and I have to tell you, when Public Health England released its comments about electronic cigarettes we at A Clean Cigarette got very excited! They said that “the best estimate so far” puts electronic cigarettes at around 95% less harmful than tobacco.  Finally a public health organization that is looking at the facts and not the loss of tax payer money when they talk about the e-cigarette industry.

Public Health England is no joke either. This is a huge government health organization much like our NIH, National Institute of Health. They are comprised of government officials and health care providers from every kind of industry and interest, again much like our own health organizations.

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Most times in both of these organization, when a review board is put together about a topic they try to bring in experts and reliable sources for what is considered a “peer” board.  Much like when regulations and research regarding the car industry are happening, people with expert connections to the industry are asked to come and weigh in. The industry connection can be as direct as a board member of a large auto company who specializes in safety testing. Or as indirect as a professor of a university who has completed studies funded by an auto company or other interested party in an effort to find the truth regarding whatever they are testing. Some times it is even a senator or other official that has an interest in the auto industry in some minute way. Most often the industry that is being looked at are the ones who sponsor and fund movements and reviews. Why?  Because if they wait for the government to get around to it whatever product they are talking about may very well be obsolete. Governments in general do not seem to be in a hurry to get much done. js My point is industry involvement in this type of stuff is just how it is done pretty much across the board.

So If that is the case, then why when a public health organization like PHE comes out with statements like this are people suddenly worried about conflict of interest? Check out this quote from just one of the many media articles that blast the PHE’s findings on electronic cigarettes being 95% less harmful that tobacco based on the best estimate thus far.


Uhm duh. If the industry did not sponsor the event it could have been years before they got around to reviewing the information. But the information reviewed does not changed based on who sponsors the event. They reviewed a TON of articles, studies and research papers. Some of the research was done by doctors or other health care investigators who are interested in the e-cigarette technology. Some of them by research centers hired by electronic cigarette companies. Why is some done by the companies? Well for the same reason that A Clean Cigarette has paid for research on our product. Because the “powers that be” have been screaming at us to do so. They say “prove it”, then we do a study to do what they ask and this is what they say: “34 percent of the studies were published by authors with conflicts of interest.” 

Well come on now. of course the people studying this subject are some how involved in the industry. They have been telling us to do research! Which is it, should we research and if we do, does the fact that we are involved with the industry mean the research is invalid? If it is why then are they asking us to do the research?!?!

So lets look at who the people involved in this for PHE are, and see what we think for ourselves.

First here is the link to the whole report:

Alright now the Authors of the report:


Oh ya, I do see the industry connection here. I do not see a conflict of interest
though? These 2 study the effects of tobacco and alcohol. I think they look pretty legit. Kind of the best people for the job, no?

Alright who do we hear from next:


I don’t think the Chief Exec for a health organization such as PHE is someone we need to worry about as far as a conflict of interest. This guy is ONLY interested in saving lives. My guess it that he couldn’t care less about the profits of this industry. We are still not seeing the issue the media keeps squeaking about.


Alright who can we look at next to find these supposed conflicts of interest? Well on page 90 & 91 of this report it goes over every one pretty close. Lets look at this information a little closer:




I just don’t see it. I mean at best I can see that they are involved in the industry, but really compared to board members of big pharmacy companies sitting on our very own health organization regulation boards this seems strangely NOT laced with conflicts of interest.


I just wanted to clear all this up being that everywhere I look i hear about how unreliable this information is. The thing is it’s not. I can not say that E-cigarettes are 95% less harmful then tobacco. They can. I can however say that A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes have 4 ingredients and are not lit on fire. That means they are 600 ingredients 4000+ chemicals and tar less then a burning cigarette. (No fire = No tar.) Both electronic cigarettes and burning tobacco deliver nicotine. Nicotine is not good for you. The best thing to do is stop all forms of nicotine intake. That is what I can say. It’s also the truth. Some times it is just not as simple to do as to say. You read the report you decide what it means and then you come on in to A Clean Cigarette, we will help you make the best switch!! Visit for more details and a complete locations list.

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