Smokers Deserve Options (Updated)

Quick Disclaimer: E-cigarettes contain nicotine, nicotine is an addictive substance. Nicotine is not “good” for you. In addition, the study information below is in no way affiliated with A Clean Cigarette directly. Although the study is a medical study published in the Oxford Journal it is NOT a claim being made by A Clean Cigarette. This blog is meant to inform only. That being said, it is provided to you by A Clean Cigarette. Therefore there IS a conflict of interest. We will always try to include well marked sources and you are encouraged to research any information provided to assure its validity.  If any part of any blog is mis-stated you are encouraged to inform us as soon as possible so we may update the information to be as accurate as possible. You are also encouraged to share this blog with your doctor. A Clean Cigarette is not intended to treat or cure any health condition. Nothing you inhale besides clean air is good for you.


Hey there!   Dawn here again today, I hope everyone is well!

So what does it mean to work at A Clean Cigarette? Is it a typical type day in day out experiences? If not, what makes it so different? That’s a great question. The answer? A lot and not much, all at the same time.  For me the job is really less of a job and more of a way of life. We get the amazing chance to help people change their lives and we get to see their successes.

according to the American Lung association Lung cancer kills more then the next 3 leading cancers combined.
According to the American Lung Association, lung cancer kills more then the next 3 leading cancers combined.

When people walk into our stores they already know that the burning tobacco is killing them.  All of us have seen the ads and heard the truth about this deadly product. Doctors and every single medical expert you will ever hear from can agree on how deadly burning tobacco is.

Let’s think about that. We cannot get the medical community to agree on anything. One Doctor will say herbs and supplements are good for you. While another Doctor less than a minute later will say that herbs and supplements are not only useless, but in some cases can be harmful. Heck, they cannot even agree on weather coffee is actually bad for you or not, and yet EVERY single medical expert agrees burning tobacco is a horrible, deadly and preventable plague on the world. It is nearly impossible to get everyone to agree on anything and yet this is something that even die hard smokers will admit as they are puffing on one.

Me included. I know perfectly well just how bad smoking burning tobacco is for me. I honestly do not care. The simple truth is I am addicted to nicotine. I am also okay with that. Do I wish I would never have started. Well of course. Do I wish I could just stop and never crave it again. Well duh, yes.
Unfortunately that is not how it works. Not for me anyway.


So if we know that it’s that bad, and we know that giving up nicotine is not an option at this time. What choices do we have?  What if we want our nicotine, but do not want to smoke a product that contains 600 ingredients and 4000+ chemicals, not to mention that awful tar?

Before recent history the answer was nothing. There was no other nicotine options that offered us what we were looking for with out being lit on fire and having big tobacco and big corporation additives tied to it. That is simply not true now though. With the invention of and then the commercialization of the electronic cigarette we now have options, and it is about time.

At A Clean Cigarette, everyone of us understands. And we have chosen to switch, By that I mean we all get the parts of our habit that we want. Things like the hand to mouth, the throat hit, and the nicotine. But we gave up a ton of the parts we do not want. Things like Tar, carbon monoxide, stink and dirty ash.

Our Cig-A-Like product is designed to look and feel like your current burning tobacco nicotine delivery method. The A Clean Cigarette brand of electronic cigarette is not lit on fire so we can guaranteed you will not get tar with this delivery method.  Read more about TAR HERE
A charger much like this one comes in every starter kit that we sell. It is safe and simple. Each of our chargers have a safety shut off built right in so no worries about overcharging!
A charger much like this one comes in every starter kit that we sell. It is safe and simple. Each of our chargers have a safety shut off built right in to prevent over charging.

When we decided to stick to the Cig-a-like design and basic tobacco flavors we understood that it would mean our product would not appeal to as large a market as some of our competitors.

We understand that we are not the cool or trendy product, or the product with the largest selection of flavors. we certainly are not the “in” thing.

That is alright with us.

We just want options. We want to give that option to other people, and we wanted that option to be as close to smoking a cigarette as possible. The taste matters.

We also want to keep improving that option. Although our cig-a-like design may look like a basic electronic cigarette, but it’s not. The guts of our product is anything but basic. We have updated the heating element 12 separate times. We have improved the fluid tech at least half that many times and we have updated our battery power 6 times. We will not stop here either. Every time technology becomes available to help us make this MORE like a traditional cigarette we will improve.

Does that mean it will cost our customers more to use it though?

Not so far. Our goal is to keep this product as price efficient as possible.  At our current prices, A Clean Cigarette is about half the price of a pack of burning tobacco cigarettes.

Unlike large mod or hookah units our product only has 2 parts. The battery, which is rechargeable and comes with a 90 day warranty, and the cartridge, which is non-refillable and disposable. We do offer a .5 cent refund on each of the spent cartridges that are brought back to us to be recycled.

We want to avoid these being a future litter problem. We have a plan. :)Replacing the nicotine cartridge is as simple as screwing the threaded end onto the battery. The rule of thumb is that the battery will last about 3/4 the life length of a typical cartridge. Each cartridge contains between a pack and a pack and a half of puffs worth of puffs. So I always tell people that; For me, since I go through an entire cartridge a day, I need to replace my battery at least once a day. That is why our two battery starter kit is a good fit. If I only smoke a half of a cartridge a day I can get away with one battery.When the battery needs charging it is just as simple. Just screw the battery on to the charger and in about 3 hours you are good to go.batter

Imagine having a person come in to your workplace with out hope. Sure that they are stuck with out options and completely crestfallen. Then imagine being able to offer them hope. That my friend is my day every day. Ya, working at A Clean Cigarette is unlike working any where else.

If you are one of the millions of people like this and want to update with out giving anything up, try us. Don’t just try a Cig-A-Like though. Not all Cig-A-likes are created equal.

For instance, most are owned by big tobacco companies and sold as one size fits all models on gas station shelves. Well I can tell you big tobacco does not care if we have options. They liked having the market cornered. So why would they make a GREAT electronic cigarette?

If you are going to make the upgrade, be sure it is an upgrade in every way. Try A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes. We have to be good at it, it’s all we sell!!  If you would like more information on how to make the switch visit our website at

Thank you for stopping in today to see what I had to say. You are truly appreciated! If you have any questions drop me a line to I will personally respond ASAP. Thank you so much and good luck!!





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