Scariest Halloween Tricks: The Deadly Truth

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Hello and Happy Halloween! If you have been to the blog before then you know I am Dawn, the A Clean Cigarette blogger.  As such, I spend a fair amount of time poking around the internet looking for content and all things e-cigarette, vapor and burning tobacco related. So it’s no big surprise that at this spooky time of the year I come across some of the scariest Halloween tricks and tips out there.

Like this video.

Which has by far the scariest music I found on ANY of the Halloween videos I watched. They have some great scary treat ideas. IF you can brave the music until the end that is. Just don’t say you weren’t warned.



Or This Video

I will let you decide about the music on this next video. It certainly has some of the scariest Halloween tricks for over the top costumes that I have found. If you attempt to make any of these PLEASE send me a pic! lol


That’s a lot of spooky….but then it got really scary.

I know what you are thinking. What could possibly be scarier than the music from that first video? Right? Well, it all started when my I found a Reddit image posted by a user.

Image if pretzels dipped in chocolate. Ash tray and cigarettes
Chocolate dipped pretzels with cookie ashes. Doesn’t it look delicious?


At first glance, this spot on the edible ashtray and cigarette butts are nasty for sure, but scary?

Absolutely! Hands down, no contest this is one of the SCARIEST Halloween tricks I have found. I mean scary is scary because it makes you fear for your safety. Scary makes you think or know you could get hurt or even killed in a horrible and often disgusting way.

Actually, I think I can plead a pretty good case that says this is, in fact, the Scariest Halloween Tip ever.

The Math

Let’s check out a few super scary things and see which of these actually cause death to people every year.

Death by Clowns:  I can find one confirmed case it the last 10 years although I did find reports of a clown killing spree in Canada. Turned out those reports were fake news. Here is a Snoops about the hoax.

Ghosts: There are also zero confirmed deaths for these guys. That being said some folks report having real ghost interactions. And even reports of Ghost Hunters dying while “hunting”. But all deaths seem explainable….right?

Ghouls / Zombies: As of now none, but even homeowners insurance can be bought to defend against the future zombie herds. So there is that…

Vampires: Well, zero from actual humanoid vampires. However, Vampire bats can claim a few people a year due to the rabies virus they sometimes carry.

Serial Killers: Okay these guys have a rough headcount when it comes to real life deaths. They bring a real scare factor to the subject for sure. There are a few different sources available online but I found this article to be a good one on the subject. They claim that there are as many as 1800 victims a year claimed by serial killers.

Burning Tobacco Cigarettes: These guys are no joke. Claiming a death toll that is nearly 6 million people worldwide. Almost 500K of those lives are right here in the USA. These scary killers don’t discriminate and can cause death in not only smokers using burning tobacco, but also the loved ones who are near us.

Now let’s talk discussed level

According to the math burning, tobacco should absolutely strike intense fear into our hearts.  But scary is not just about how deadly something is. In order to qualify as one of the scariest Halloween tricks ever, it has to be disgusting and gross on top of being deadly. How does burning tobacco fare in that department?

Well, the image above of the ashtray treat is one great disgusting Halloween play on the nasty that burning tobacco can do. When it comes to costumes it’s a little harder to compare. Unlike clowns and zombies, burning tobacco victim costumes are not often picked for the neighborhood Halloween party.

To give you an idea of just how disgusting the effects can be on the human body here is a slideshow. Before you go tapping through the images be aware that they are REALLY bad. So bad in fact if you are not interested in seeing them I do not blame you. Just tap the slideshow pause button to stop the auto rotate feature. These images are NO treat, but they are brought you by big tobacco products everywhere.


Click to view slideshow.

If you looked at these images then you know that the disgusting and gruesome limit required to be one of the Scariest Halloween Tricks yet was definitely reached.

And yet costumes like this happen:


At least the center one has it a little bit right. The black box warning says “Because I love having a butt in my mouth”.

Really though this is no laughing matter. millions dead, horrible disfigurements and life-changing illnesses are about as scary as it gets in my book. So ya, tobacco cigarettes are one of the scariest Halloween tricks ever and the word ADDICTION should strike fears in all of our hearts.

The wrap-up

Thank you so much for reading my spooky blog. From all of us here at A Clean Cigarette we wish you and your families a happy and safe Halloween.

If you or a loved one would like to switch away from burning tobacco and would like more information on A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes check out our website at

Thanks again for stopping in!



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