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Hello! Dawn here again. your A Clean Cigarette blogger. Today we are going to talk about why every smoker should quit the gas station brand tobacco/nicotine products and switch to A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes.  Notice I did not just say to quit the burning tobacco brands, but the electronic brands as well.

It’s not that I am saying that gas station brands are bad brands. In fact, I am pretty sure that some of the electronic cigarettes on the shelves of a convenience store are perfectly fine products. But I can’t tell you which ones, and in most cases neither can the attendant selling them. Actually, she or he probably won’t be able to tell you much about any of the e-cigarettes. Their job is to sell the products on the shelves, the gas, and the cigarettes, not to be knowledgeable about those products. Forget knowing what level nicotine the e-cigarette is, typically it’s a 50/50 gamble on whether it’s menthol or non-menthol flavored one.

If you do get lucky and the brand that you choose is acceptable in flavor, it will probably only come in one or two nicotine levels. Some brands do mark the nic level but typically it is located in small print on the back of the package. The problem with only having 2 levels to work with is it gives you very little incentive to lower your nicotine intake and can even increase your intake when you switch.  Here at  A Clean Cigarette we are not a smoking cessation product and won’t claim to help you quit smoking. That being said we do find that many of the customers who come to us to switch off of burning tobacco choose to take advantage of our six levels of nicotine. They range from nicotine doses that mimic a non-filter cigarette to a 0 nicotine option and everything in between.

Notice I did not say the nicotine levels, I talked about the burning tobacco equivalent instead. That’s because I am a smoker and I just want an alternative to burning tobacco that is easy and familiar. I never went into a gas station to buy my cigarettes and said hey can I get one that is an 18 nicotine. That’s not how it works. More likely I would walk into a Gas station and ask for my BrandX Lights, ultralights or full flavors. Here at A Clean Cigarette, we get that, so not only are our products labeled clearly with the nicotine level, but we also help you find the nicotine level that matches up to what you currently smoke.

What about quality control?

Then the other issue is the unfortunate truth about the electronic cigarette technology. Even with the best quality e-cig you can buy, from time to time one is just a dud. Kinda like how every now and again when I used to pull out a fresh cigarette it would have a tear or rip in it. Only with electronic cigarettes if its a dud it’s not one cigarette it’s the whole pack of cigarettes. If you went into a gas station with a dud e-cigarette they would most likely tell you the same thing that they would say if you tried to bring back a torn cigarette. Contact the manufacturer they will send a coupon to replace it.

I don’t have 2 weeks to wait for my nicotine. On the other hand, at A Clean Cigarette when the dud comes up we have your back. We replace it, simple as that. While we wish it would never happen it does.

The Best Reason To Quit The Gas Station Brands?

Smokers helping smokers is not just a catchphrase for us, it’s a fact. Every single one of the A Clean Cigarette team members were customers who made the switch first. We are all smokers who decided that we had to change things up and we found A Clean Cigarette to do it. We really are smokers helping smokers which means that we have been where you are. It also means that we have been able to develop a support system that is chalked full of real-world knowledge and tried and tested tips and tricks to help you succeed. Every time you come into the store to get your nicotine you are going to find a team member who is there to listen to you and then work with you to get to your goals.  IIt’s a support plan that works.

Think of it like a diet plan. Sure I can go to the convenience store and buy a frozen diet meal that may or may not taste good. It is better than nothing if I want to diet, but not much. However, if I add the Weight Watchers support plan and their planned meals my chances for a real success goes way up.

Gas stations may sell a device that is similar but let’s face it, they are not there to answer your questions or support your goals. They are there to sell you a product, we are too, but ours comes with a team of smokers who want to help and we have the experience to do it.

If you or a loved one would like more information on the A Clean Cigarette brand of electronic cigarettes visit www.ACleanCigarette.com for a full locations list and access to our online support and store. If you have questions you would like to see answered here on the blog or if you just want to chat with me drop me a line on our FB page. Thank you again for reading this blog and don’t forget to tell all the smokers that you know about A Clean Cigarette and about how it’s time to quit the gas station brands of tobacco and e-cigarette nicotine products.








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