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CleanCigaretteLogo(13Happy Friday! Dawn here again, and I hope your start of the weekend is working out to be a great one! Here at A Clean Cigarette we are getting all geared up for an event. If you have been looking at the event calendar you may know we will be at the REO Speedwagon concert tonight. If not, and you would like to see our upcoming events Just Click Here.  I am at most A Clean Cigarette sponsored events so I would love to meet you!

This week has been a great week at A Clean Cigarette.  This week has been great because some of our projects are finally coming together. We have been working hard for months now in an effort to help make your online experience with us as great as possible!  Let’s look at a few things we have done recently to accomplish this goal.

  • This Blog: The blog is now about 1.5 months old, and hopefully it is helping to educate, inform and entertain you. We felt a blog would help us spread the word in regards to what’s really going on in the electronic cigarette industry.
  • We finally got yelp pages all set up!! Feel free to head over and leave us your thoughts!
  • We did the same for our Google plus pages! If you want to leave us a review head over and hook it up! We always appreciate customer feedback!!
  • LinkedIn! Yes, we are having fun linking in! Follow our page if you have a LinkedIn account for special offers and promotions!
  • We set up a help center e-mail! Any questions, thoughts or feedback you want to get an answer to you can now. Just drop me an E-mail at AccAnswers@gmail.com and I will find an answer for you ASAP!
  • We are working on an online magazine! Stay tuned for its big release. It is right around the corner!

Wow, that’s a lot, but not everything! We are also very proud to announce the release of our brand new updated Webpage! It’s still located in the same place, acleancigarette.com, but now it’s faster, easier to use and more informative!

The website is new, so if you find any bugs or glitches it would really help us out if you would send a report about the issue to us at Info.acc.reply@gmail.com! We want this to be great for you, but we may need your help.

Well, since it is Friday I will let us all off easy and call it good for today! Thank you for showing up and thank you for helping us make it to the point that we can update and attempt to improve our services for you!  Rock and Roll!



The Team, each and every member of the our team has made the switch! We understand!
The Team, each and every member of the our team has made the switch! We understand!



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