Our customers have a lot to say! So we let them have the floor today!


Hello everyone, Dawn here. I love to talk. I think that is pretty obvious by all my posting here. That’s typically a good thing in my line of work though ,so no harm no fowl!  That being said, I also love to listen. I love to hear all the amazing things our customers have to say about their path away from winkburning tobacco. So for today’s post its all about YOU. Here are some real customers with real testimonies.

Disclaimer: We do not market as a quit smoking aide. We market switching to an upgraded nicotine delivery method. The FDA says we can not make any such claims but our customers can make any claim they want to. None of these great people work for us or get paid by us! Customer testimonies are our voice! We always want to hear from YOU!

-Diane Kirkey – “I have tried to quit smoking on several occasions and always went back to cigarettes. The last cigarette I had was on May 5th of 2014. It has been almost a year now and A Clean Cigarette is my cigarette now. I’m on 11mg and I feel great! I have no intentions to go back to cigarettes as long as I have A Clean Cigarette!”

– Dan Navarre – “I had smoked for 25 years, I have tried 3 other smokeless products before changing to ”The Clean Cigarette”. I have used this product for 3 years now. I just love it!!!”

– Floyd Gunee – “Started smoking when I was 11yrs.Smoked on and off for a couple years. At 15 yrs old smoking heavy until the age of 63 yrs. When I started using this product. Keeps me off tobacco cigarettes. My smell has improved too.”

– Jody Dennis – “Wanted to quit smoking because of the smell and a result of blood clots, I smoked 2 to 3 packs per day for 20 years. So my wife and I decided to try A Clean Cigarette and we both quit on November 2014.We feel so much better. Saving from $480.00 to $150.00 per month!”

– Larry Abernathy – “I have been using A Clean Cigarette for over 2 years. I no longer crave cigarettes and my health has improved tremendously! My face has cleared, and my wife no longer fusses at me because of the tobacco smell.”

-Robert Bushong – “I was smoking for at least 15 years a pack & half a day! And now almost 1 1/2 years I’ve been on A Clean Cigarette. The smell of tobacco sickens me. This product has not only helped me feel and have more energy, but has also helped others around me too. I’d suggest this product to everyone! Thank you.”

– Amy Chrzan –Because of A Clean Cigarette, I can breathe better, I am not sick with colds or anything. I have so much more energy! Ran my first of many 5k’s last year!!”

-Bonnie Belder – “I’ve been using A Clean Cigarette for over a year now. I do feel better. People can smell my cologne now instead of tobacco. All of my kids, grandchildren and great grandchildren like the fact that I don’t smoke anymore. I am a home care aid and my clients like that I don’t stink anymore as well.”

-Jamie Esckelson- “To be completely honest, at first I never thought this would be possible because I literally tried everything. One day I finally found A Clean Cigarette in the mall and it has changed my life. Not only can I breathe better I smell better and others can definitely tell. I have a disabled child and she is on oxygen so A Clean Cigarette is the only thing that could replace my urge for a cigarette period. I smoked two packs of Newport 100s a day and I smoke 24mg menthol and they are great.”

-Lana Mall- “I have smoked tobacco for 40 years. I decided to try A Clean Cigarette due to my asthma and other health issues. I have smoke A Clean Cigarette for 4 years and have been very satisfied with them. I wish they would have come out years ago. My doctor is very happy with me smoking these and since I started smoking these I no longer need my inhalers.”

– Sam Bowman – “I smoked cigars and pipes for over 20 years. I had a smoker’s cough and shortness of breath. I have been smoking A Clean Cigarette for over a year and I have no signs of the cough. I feel healthier than I have in a long time. Thanks!”

-Patricia Wise – “March 28, 2015 I can proudly say and SHOUT I am 3 years clean from regular cigarettes! I enjoy every pull of my A Clean Cigarette!!”

-Angelo Soto – “I’ve been using A Clean Cigarette for over a year now. I do feel better. People can smell my cologne now instead of tobacco. All of my kids, grandchildren and great grandchildren like the fact that I don’t smoke anymore. I am a home care aid and my clients like that I don’t stink anymore as well.”

-Donald M. Syed – “I was a smoker for 38 years. I always wanted to quit, but chewing gum just did not work for me. The reason was I loved smoking. I needed something to give me the same feeling. A Clean Cigarette worked for me.”

– Ryan Simon – “Almost 5 months ago my children asked me why I smoked and I couldn’t give them one good reason. Since I have started A Clean Cigarette November 8 2014 I haven’t smoked a single cigarette.”

-Gina Clark – “I started sneaking cigarettes when I was 14 years old. I was smoking full-time by 16 years old. I am so happy to say it’s been 2 years on A Clean Cigarette! I feel great knowing that I can still smoke but it’s clean. I feel 110% better and I haven’t been sick with bronchitis since I started A Clean Cigarette. Thank you for changing my life!”

– Christine Gregory – “I became addicted to cigarettes while serving in the military. I tried to quit several times. Five times in the year before I started on A Clean Cigarette, but I couldn’t quit the habit. I may never have if it hadn’t have been for A Clean Cigarette. Although I no longer need to buy them, because I have stepped off of e-cigs now too, I would like to say thank you to the A CLEAN CIGARETTE company, for their products.”


I had better stop there! I could go on and on we have hundreds of these amazing testimonies from our customers! It’s awe inspiring! We however can NEVER have too many so please send us your testimonies! Thanks so much for stopping by today and I sure hope to hear your success story very soon! If you have any questions email me at info.acc.reply@gmail.com OR check out our web site at acleancigarette.com.





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