One size fits all? Not for my e-cigarette!!

Dawn Again!! Okay so we have, all seen it. Just walk into any gas station or convenience store and you will find a few cheaply made, one size fits all e-cigarettes. By one size fits all, what I mean is, whatever nicotine level is available that’s what you get. Even if there are a variety of Nic (Nicotine) levels available for purchase, most gas station attendants are just not well versed in e-cigs, so they do not know how to help you decide what one would best fit YOU and YOUR needs. That’s, why One size fits all, is NOT for my e-cigarette.

We know how to help you!

As a matter of fact, e-cigarettes and e-cigarette accessories are all we sell, so we had better be good at it! Along with every A Clean Cigarette team member having used the product to make the switch away from burning tobacco, every one of us has also been trained to fully understand our products. With that training and our life experiences as smokers, we know we can help you find the fit you need to succeed. It’s the main reason we say we are smokers helping smokers since 2010.

Here is a chart to help you help yourself though when dealing with electronic cigarettes. It’s important that you find an e-cig that is the right fit. The chart can help with nicotine level, we can help with flavor matching you to what you currently smoke. We specilize in menthol and non-menthol flavors so we have what you are looking for.


36 =3.6 Actual MG, 24 =2.4 Actual MG and so on. When we first opened we chose to shorthand the printing and in an effort to not confuse customers we have always kept the same labeling’s.


Another major issue…

MOST Cig-a-Like electronic cigarettes that can be found in corner stores are owned by Big Tobacco. That means they have a cheap, stand-in version of an e-cigarette that is not intended to switch people off of burning tobacco or really be any good at all. Why would Big Tobacco want to make a product to overtake their big money maker: burning tobacco? Instead, they make a bad tasting, crappy-quality item and basically give them away for free.

That was a truly great marketing plan on their part. Why do I say that? For a while, I asked everyone if they had tried an e-cig yet. Those who said yes said that, “I have tried them, they were horrible, so no thank you.”

Well of course, it’s a bad experience if what you are talking about is a junk product that is shipped free to you by a company that does not want e-cigs to prevail.


us or them

One such brand, owned by the same group as Marlboro Cigarettes, literally shipped a free version of their e-cig through the mail to nearly every smoker or ex-smoker that they could get their hands on. We saw that for what it was. Big Tobacco just trying to show us they can spend more than we can.

They are right; they can. We, however, have a pile of their E-cigarettes in the back of every one of our stores. You see, our answer to their marketing is: new customers bring us their junk products and we trade them out for a good, quality A Clean Cigarette product. It’s simple and we do that trade for any Big Tobacco Vapor or Burning Tobacco product. That goes for discontinued e-cigs too like the V1, Green Smoke and the MarkTen products. Just bring them in we will trade you out and set you up for the win.

To add insult to injury…

One of the only brands that were not owned by big tobacco JUUL brand is not partly owned in part by the biggest tobacco company and the makers of Marlboro Cigarettes. These guys start folks off at 50 MG (Or 5.0). That is a huge amount of nicotine and clearly, their goal is not to help you get less nicotine then you currently are.

One size fits all? Not for my e-cigarette!

If you want a Cig-a-like product designed for you, sold by people just like you, and from a company that has never been sued for intentionally hiding critical life-and-death information from you, come visit us at A Clean Cigarette. You can come on into any of our 19 store locations or you can visit our on-line store by clicking the 18+ banner to the left. We understand what you are going through because we were all customers at A Clean Cigarette 1st!

Thank you so much for visiting today! I really hope this is helpful to you regardless of where you may purchase your electronic cigarettes. If you have any questions or concerns contact me directly on our FB page. If you want more information you can always stop by our web site as well Have an amazing day out there and I hope to see you again! You Rock! Thank you!





Even though Michigan has yet to pass an under 18 selling ban we at A Clean Cigarette do not sell to minors. Ever. We Go a step further and do not sell to non-smokers either. Yes we know we could make a lot more money selling candy flavors to non-smokers. However, we have kids too and money is not everything.
Click this picture to find our online store where we offer a complete locations list and free shipping to all 50 states! It is time to make the switch!


PS: This is a re-write of a blog from 2016. With what is going on right now with the One size fits all brands I felt this blog needed to be reshared. I have edited it to be a bit more up to date but most of it is exactly as before. Turns out Big Tobacco is always up to the same old worn out tricks. Who’da a thunk it?

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