Nicotine: When is enough, enough?

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Welcome back to the A Clean Cigarette blog. Dawn here your ever ready A Clean Cigarette blogger to bring you all things e-cigarette, vapor and burning tobacco related. Before I get started, I would like to give a huge shout out to all of you. Thank you so much for taking valuable time out of your day to keep updated on these important topics. Thank you. Today we are going to talk about nicotine and how the levels of nicotine effect users of e-cigarettes, vapors devices, burning tobacco and other products.

What is nicotine: 

Nicotine is a naturally occurring chemical that can be found in a variety of places. Most people do not realize that nicotine is found in many foods such as tomatoes, some peppers and even the papaya plant. Nicotine is also produced by almost all plants in the nightshade family, including the tobacco plant. The tobacco plant is the only plant that produces enough nicotine to affect most people. Surprisingly enough it is also produced in small quantities by the human body. But what are the upsides and downsides to this chemical?

Down Sides of Nicotine:

  • Highly addictive (REALLY Addictive! No joke, this stuff is addictive as all get out.)
  • Cardiovascular issues*
  •  Some studies show nicotine may cause irritation to the liver and kidney function.
  • Highly toxic when ingested.

*According to Harvard Medical: “Nicotine does have some negative cardiovascular effects, raising blood pressure and causing arteries to constrict, but it’s debatable how significant they are. Doctors were initially quite concerned about prescribing the nicotine patch and other so-called nicotine replacement therapies for smokers with heart disease. But several studies in the mid-1990s showed that the nicotine replacements didn’t increase the number of heart attacks and strokes in these high-risk patients, so those worries have ebbed.”


Up Sides of Nicotine:

(Keep in mind this information comes from sources around the web. I always try to search only reputable ones, but we are not doctors here at A Clean Cigarette. Nothing we say here is intended to diagnosis any medical condition. We are smokers who are just trying to help other smokers. If you have medical health related questions regarding nicotine please check with your Doctor or Pharmacist.)

  • Possible Neurological healing effects*
  • Calming and stress relief qualities
  • Anti-inflammatory agent
  • Long term and short term memory booster

*According to Harvard Medical: *”Nicotine is rightly reviled because of its associations with smoking and addiction. But the rogue substance has a wide range of effects on the brain, which may include some healing properties. Researchers are testing nicotine and related compounds as treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and other conditions.”

So obviously nicotine has it’s ups and downs. There is definitely some good stuff that needs to be researched more and some bad stuff that should be paid attention to. Over all though only one nicotine side effect is a super issue:


One of the most important rules here at A Clean Cigarette is that we never sell to never smokers. We did not make that rule just to make a rule. We made that rule because weather you are getting your nicotine from a burning tobacco cigarette, a vapor product or an e-cigarette it’s still addictive. As smokers we understand the addiction that nicotine brings and we simply do not want to pass that fight on to anyone else.

What we did instead was create nicotine levels that mimicked specific cigarette nicotine levels. That way when already addicted smokers came to us to make the switch we could fit them with a nicotine level and taste that was as similar to their burning tobacco cigarette as possible.

The A Clean Cigarette Nicotine Level Chart

(Based on our own experience over the last 9 years with smokers.)

Non-Filter  ~ 3.6 mg

Full Flavor ~  2.4 mg

Heavier Light ~ 1.8 mg

Milder Light ~ 1.4 mg

Ultra Light ~ 1.1 mg

Nic Free ~ 0 mg


Notice that 3.6 mg is our absolute highest level and that we have many levels to walk down if you would like to go that route. What we do not have is a nicotine levels of 4.0 or 5.0. Because as smokers we could not imagine giving fellow smokers MORE nicotine then they are currently getting. How is that helping?

But that is EXACTLY what some companies are doing.

What blows my mind is that now those companies are advertising that they are for smokers by smokers. How is that even possible? What smoker would want to get fellow smokers MORE addicted? I mean it’s almost cruel to put folks on nicotine nearly double that of a non-filter cigarette then not even offer lower nic levels as options? Nicotine levels in e-cigarettes are important.

What is even worse than that these same products are the ones that the FDA keeps saying are attracting the youth and never smokers. Think about what I just said. Yes, they are putting folks including kids on a product that contains way more nicotine then they were getting before.

Now to be fair, these guys are not directly selling to minors; the convenience stores they stock are. But up until the FDA gave them warning letters and fines these companies were advertising in the same young hip styles that big tobacco is known for. In fact they are currently under the FDA’s gun due to their behavior.

What about after the FDA warnings?

Well, all of a sudden we are seeing a blitz campaign about how they are out to help smokers and they are even using some of the exact same wording as our mystory videos.  While I am sure that when they looked at us, they thought we had a great marketing platform, however for us that is not what it is.

For us, since day one, it has been about changing the world one smoker at a time. It has always been about the lives and humans behind the smoker’s story.

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery …… But not if they are just out to make a buck.

If you or a loved one would like more information about us please visit or read some more of the blogs posted here. If you have a question feel free to leave a comment or reach out to us on Facebook. We love to help. Again, thank you so much for your time.




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