Nicotine…….some facts!

CleanCigaretteLogo(13Hey, everyone, it is me, Dawn This morning I would like to have a chat about nicotine. A Clean Cigarette is a nicotine delivery system so understanding nicotine is a huge part of the puzzle for us. Many of our customers and their family members are addicted to this substance but unfortunately, most of us do not really know much about it. Let’s change that today.

Alright, so the definition:  Nicotine is a colorless alkaloid chemical that is most commonly sourced from the tobacco plant, which is in the nightshade family of plants. Nicotine is also present in small amounts in tomato, potato, green pepper, eggplant, coca plants and other natural sources. It is known to be highly addictive.


Hmm so I looked it up and there is actually a fair amount of nicotine in ketchup, who woulda thought that? But what makes it so addictive? Well, what happens is: Nicotine increases dopamine levels in the reward circuits of the brain. That increase activates the reward system of the brain and generates feelings of pleasure. That dopamine increase has a wide range of effects on the brain and other parts of the body. Dopamine increase is not just associated with nicotine either. It’s a similar effect on the brain that makes cocaine and other substances highly addictive as well. Here is a chart to show you how the nicotine addiction and the cocaine addiction

Nicotine and other drugs effect the brain by activating your dopamine receptors. This creates a
Nicotine and other drugs affect the brain by activating your dopamine receptors. This creates a “flight or fight” reaction in your brain.

So when drugs or other substances are creating dopamine for us, the brain tends to not create as much dopamine on its own. This is what makes us crave the dopamine-inducing substances. About 1 out of every 10 people are what we call highly addictive people. It is hard to say what makes a cycle17kperson highly addictive, but some experts think that the false rise in dopamine levels for some people are greater than for others. The issue is that with some people the withdrawal symptoms are then magnified compared to fellow nicotine addicts. It’s for this reason some people can just quit cold turkey, while others may never fully step away from the nicotine addiction.

Let’s look at some of the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine, shall we?


Rough, there is not a single item on that list that sounds like a fun way to spend an evening! That long list of withdrawal symptoms may be why most of us know someone who is dying, while still sucking on burning tobacco, much like this guy.⇓

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What about the health effects of nicotine? Here is a look at a study done on rats here is what we know about nicotine when inhaled for 20 hours a day by rats for 2 years. (It seems close to a typical smoker’s intake level so we chose this one.)


There is, however, a strong possibility that if large doses of nicotine are accidentally ingested you will get nicotine poisoning. Nicotine poisoning cases are on the rise in recent years due to the open vials of candy like “e-juice”. We do not offer them at A Clean Cigarette due to this risk. If you do choose to use a device that requires vials of e-juice to manually refill it, PLEASE keep them away from your children and pets. The results of nicotine poisoning via ingestion is highly toxic and can lead to death.

When stepping off tobacco, you can feel a bit like this poor guy :(

So what do we do now? The fact is burning tobacco is killing us, yet, living a life of withdrawal symptoms sounds like a really rough go of it. What options do we have? Well, the best option for you is still to just quit all forms of nicotine delivery. Period. There is NO better alternative than that.CO-decal

Tar in a Jar. Lets keep it there instead of in our lungs!
Tar in a Jar. Lets keep it there instead of in our lungs!

If however, that is not something you are going to do. Be honest with yourself. Then at least upgrade your nicotine delivery mechanism. As you know the current outdated burning tobacco delivery method is chalked full of 600 ingredients over 4000 chemicals, Carbon Monoxide and the main villain Tar.  The updated A Clean Cigarette nicotine delivery system, on the other hand, gets you that nicotine you crave while leaving all that other stuff out completely.

                       Isn’t it time for you to make the switch?

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Well that’s it for me in regards to nicotine, I hope this is helpful and if you are a current burning tobacco smoker I hope you decide to make the switch! Before it’s too late!



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