Nicotine Salt? Here’s what you need to know.

A Clean CigaretteHey guys! This is Dawn here again bringing you all sorts of information regarding e-cigarettes, vapors, and burning tobacco. Last week we talked about a specific ingredient that is ALL of those. Of course, I am talking about nicotine. As a general rule nicotine is just nicotine regardless of how it is delivered. That’s why we say non-smokers should NEVER use an e-cigarette. Because it’s still addictive regardless of the delivery method. Unfortunately, when it comes in the form of nicotine salt, nicotine is not the same as nicotine.

What is nicotine salt?

You may or may not have heard of nicotine salt. It’s a recent addition to the e-cigarette and vapor world and was made popular when Juul released its pods that contained them. Although they are not the only ones using them. Before we get started we need to know that since the introduction of nicotine salts, nicotine is referred to as either “nicotine salt” or “freebase nicotine” (traditional nicotine)

When it comes to most electronic cigarettes or e-juices there is a VG or PG base with nicotine added. In the case of devices that utilize nicotine salt, they contain a nicotine base and an organic acid that forms a nicotine salt. Because freebase nicotine has a high PH whereas freebase nicotine has is an alkaline. That simple difference is a big difference.

Why? What’s so different?

Well, due to its alkaline nature of the nicotine in a typical e-cigarette, the more nicotine you have the more throat hit you will have. Exactly like the freebase nicotine in traditional burning tobacco. A non-filter cigarette or even a full flavor cigarette has a much harsher throat hit than an ultra-mild and this is one of the many reasons why. Freebase nicotine.

On the other hand… Due to the high PH of nicotine salts the level of nicotine has very little impact on the throat hit regardless of how high the nicotine dose. Which means consumers can tolerate crazy high nicotine levels.

Is nicotine salt harmful to my health or goals??


Hmm, well let’s break it down while we pretend for a moment that I am a smoker who smokes a few ultra-lite cigarettes a day and I decide to switch on to e-cigarettes. I pop on down to the local gas station and I buy a menthol e-cig. The clerk does not know much about it but I smoke menthol and it feels like the hit of my ultra-lite, so I am hoping it works.

And it does.

I completely switch off of my burning tobacco. Now that I am on it though I realize I am puffing more and more often. Where I used to only smoke maybe 5 cigarettes a day, now I find myself going through a cartridge a day.  But when I try to put down the e-cigarette I find I can’t. That’s when someone tells me I am using a 5.0 nicotine level. ( A 3.6 in freebase hits like a non-filter pack of cigarettes so a 5.0 in freebase would feel like lighting your throat on fire.)

Thanks to nicotine salts I am now MORE addicted to nicotine than I was as a smoker of traditional burning tobacco… If my goal was to get rid of all nicotine, this definitely did not help me.


Okay now imagine I am the same story but instead of a fully developed adult lets pretend I am an 18-year-old kid or God forbid even a 15 year old one.  I have tried smoking but I am not a “smoker” I end up getting a random e-cigarette from a friend and I like it so I keep getting them whenever I can.

Much like any young person I am not taking into consideration that due to the nicotine salts in the e-cigarette I am using from the gas station my nicotine intake is skyrocketing. There is no throat hit and the flavor is great so I just puff, puff,puff…right until I start feeling dizzy and nauseated. When I eventually pass out from the nicotine poisoning.

I was a young healthy non-smoker that may have ended up smoking. Now I have a nicotine addiction and a hospital bill for nicotine poison. (Or worse.)

Possible nicotine poisoning side effects:
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Vertigo
  • Confusion
  • Tremors
  • Seizures
  • Death
  • + More

Why do some brands use Nicotine salt?

The problem Juul and other companies were having with their extremely high nicotine levels is when vaped at those doses nicotine can and will irritate your throat. Almost to a level of intolerable. But add the salts which smooth out the hit and bam, you can tolerate ridiculously high levels of nicotine.

Why do they want you to be able to vape nicotine at those levels? Well if you ask them it’s to help smokers switch but we politely call bull crap. We help 100’s of smokers a day and we don’t need fancy nicotine salts that put our customers at risk to help them.

Deja Vu

Quick question: What other companies throughout history have wanted to make an addictive product easier to tolerate and more addictive.

Haven’t we seen this before? We will give you three guesses and they should all end with the words “big tobacco.”

It’s for this very reason that we here at A Clean Cigarette do not and will not offer nicotine salt option. We got into this game to help smokers. Helping smokers does not mean making our products more addictive.

Thank you for dropping by today.  I hope this was informative while not being too boring. If you have more questions feel free to leave a message below or e-mail me at If you are a smoker who is looking for help regarding e-cigarettes, visit our website at Thanks again!







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