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A Clean Cigarette Hey guys! Of course, it’s Dawn here today and I am ready to share all things e-cigarette, burning tobacco or vapor related. While there is a ton of things that could fall into those categories. However, there is really only one thing that falls into ALL of the categories. Nicotine. We have all heard about nicotine. It’s as common a word as coffee in some circles. We know that it is highly addictive and there are real health risks associated with it. (Ie. Nicotine does not play well with the human heart.)

However, is nicotine JUST an evil villain or is there more to this chemical compound then what meets the rumor mill? Could there even be health benefits involved here?

Apparently, the answer is yes. There is a lot more to nicotine than the bad name it gets including maybe some health benefits. Today we are going to take a peek at a few possible health benefits that nicotine may offer.


Three possible health benefits of Nicotine you may not know about…


Quick note: I looked all over the internet and tried to find studies to support everything I am saying here. I will share those all relevant sources in each section. HOWEVER. I am not a doctor and in fact, I am paid by A Clean Cigarette brand e-cigarettes. Basically what I am saying is check with a doctor or other trusted source before deciding that an addictive chemical like nicotine has any potential health benefits for you. In fact, just always check with an expert for ANYTHING you read on the internet…ever.

#1: Weight loss and maintenance.

nicotine health benefits weight loss

As hard to believe as this is it’s actually one of the most talked-about possible health benefits of nicotine. Nicotine is thought to be an appetite suppressant. Which would help explain why so many people gain weight after they quit smoking. That being said a recent study has shown that there may be more reasons that nicotine helps us maintain a good body weight other than as an appetite suppressant. The study indicates that nicotine may work with areas of our metabolism.

There are a ton of articles available about it all over the internet. Here is one of the best ones I have found called “Why are smokers skinny” (Note to self, all smokers are not skinny but who am I to challenge the article’s title?)

Is this the new weight watchers? Probably not but I will leave you with a simple quote that explains how nicotine could be a viable tool in the fight against obesity and a few study sources.

The Science of Nicotine and Weight Loss – ThoughtCo

“In other words, nicotine is a drug that raises your metabolic rate while suppressing your appetite. “


Brain Pathway Links Nicotine and Weight Loss

The Skinny On Smoking: Why Nicotine Curbs Appetite

Cigarette Smoking, Nicotine, and Body Weight



#2 Improves reflexes and cognitive clarity

Health benefits reflexes sport nicotine

This one kinda surprised me. However, apparently, I am the one late to the game on this. Speaking of games did you know that NBA and other athletes already know that nicotine improves their reflexes and helps them think quicker on their feet. Turns out that’s the reason why smokeless tobacco (chew) is so popular among athletes in general.

So is are these athletes right? Could improved reflexes and cognitive ability really be a health benefit of nicotine like they believe? Or are they just a superstitious group who have fallen prey to a long-standing rumor?

Well, after a VERY short search on the subject I had too many studies on the subject to share them all here. One thing is very clear, this is not a rumor. There is in fact, cold hard evidence that nicotine improves your reflexes and improves your ability during IQ related events. Apparently, nicotine may help you think and move faster.

So if you need to get some heavy thinking done, nicotine may be a great tool in the toolbox. As I have said, there were too many studies to list them all, but I do want you guys to have easy access to at least some of them.

Smoking history and nicotine effects on cognitive performance.


Cognitive Effects of Nicotine: Recent Progress.


Effects Of Nicotine And Smoking On Cognitive Function 


Dual role of nicotine in addiction and cognition: A review of neuroimaging studies in humans


#3 Improves memory/ Helps with memory-related diseases.

nicotine health benefits memory

Okay, so I know that this one is similar to the last one, but it’s so much more than that last one too. Why do I say that? Because some of the worst diseases that people get are affected by memory and the regions of the brain that affect memory. I am talking about diseases such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Most of you don’t know this but I lost my father to Parkinson’s disease. We buried him on his 56th birthday, but if any of you have dealt with a disease like this then you know we really lost him a long time before that. Having to watch someone who is your hero fight just to maintain who they are. Then watching them lose that fight is horrible.

It’s horrible for the families, it’s horrible for the person suffering and it’s just plain out horrible all the way around. They are not the only nurilogical issues that nicotine is thought to help with either. People with things like ADHD, Schizophrenia, and other mental illnesses.

So is nicotine a potential answer to diseases like these that take our loved ones from us before they even die? Is this one of nicotines health benefits? Maybe. In fact, it’s better than a maybe. There are a TON of research articles, documents, and studies that indicate nicotine is possibly the next big thing when it comes to the treatment of these debilitating illnesses. Here is a shortlist of some of the available studies and articles.

Relation between nicotine intake and Alzheimer’s disease.


Nicotine for Alzheimer’s disease.


Effects of smoking on health outcomes in bipolar disorder with a special focus on suicidal behavior


Nicotine may help prevent your brain from aging and hold off Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s


Nicotine: It may have a good side

The Acute Effects of Nicotine on Cognitive Abilities and Athletic Performance in Archery Athletes


So there you have it. Maybe it’s is not the villain that everyone wants us to think it is. So why haven’t we all been hearing about nicotine and all its great health benefits? That’s simple. The major issue with nicotine is the most common delivery agent is the most deadly consumer product on the market. Burning tobacco. No matter how many health benefits they find in this chemical if it is delivered by a product soaked in chemicals, wrapped in fireproof paper and then lit on fire, which produces tar, it becomes more dangerous then good.

In one article published by the guys over at the Alzheimers academy entitled “Smoking and dementia” reports how smoking cigarettes can CAUSE dementia and dementia-related diseases. However even they point out that there is one ingredient in a cigarette they are sure does NOT Cause neurological harm. And not only doesn’t it cause it, it actually helps to reduce its risk. That ingredient, of course, is Nicotine.

The quote:

“There are many different chemicals and toxins in cigarette smoke so it is unclear which ones would be causing damage.  There is some evidence that one (nicotine) actually reduces the risk of dementia.” 

Thanks for stopping into this blog today. If you are a smoker or know a smoker who would like to update their nicotine delivery system from the deadly burning tobacco to A Clean Cigarette please visit our main web page.   or if you would like information on CBD. Visit There is a ton of information there so you can understand what CBD is and how it works with your body.

Want to reach out to me personally. Drop me an email to or leave a comment below! (If you don’t see a comment section at the bottom click HERE.) Thanks again for stopping in. I truly appreciate every single person who took the time to educate themselves. You rock and the world needs more folks like you. Being an informed consumer is the way to be.






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