News Report; The US Congress Commissioned a Report on Electronic Cigarettes

Hey all, Dawn here your A Clean Cigarette blogger. I had intended to do a blog about how some moron out there had the boneheaded idea to break open a Tide Pod (Yes, Laundry Detergent…smh) then he poured the liquid in to a tank model vapor unit and inhaled it into his lungs. However, a piece of SPECTACULAR news regarding electronic cigarettes broke this afternoon and it is far too important to wait.

So, all I will say about the Tide Pod stupidity is, thank God the electronic nicotine delivery system I have in my home and around my family is designed to make stupid ideas like this less likely. The danger this idea put this kid in is absolutely nuts. Tide Pods burn your stomach lining and intestinal tracks. Yes, I said BURN. Burns on the outside are painful. I bet when they are on the inside it doesn’t feel any better. A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes are not designed to be refilled with anything and when you are done with them, just bring the disposable cartridges back to us for a five cent refund per cartridge. We recycle them

Tide Pod Vaping bottom line: Don’t be a freaking moron. Seriously. Just don’t do it…

On to the Good News and it is HUGE

So these guys: 

Put together an Expert Panel mandated by the:

United States Congress. 

(Yes you heard that right. Congress. That’s pretty darn huge right?) 

This Expert Panel reviewed over 800 studies and research documents on the human health effects of e-cigarettes. The findings for the systematic review where released today, Tuesday, Jan. 23rd.

There is A LOT going on in this systematic review. To keep it as stream line as possible I am going to highlight it bit by bit. There is far more to it then i can go over here. These are the note worthy findings but just click the image above to go to the original study link. (The parts in pink is my thoughts on each bullet point.)

  • This quote claiming e-cigarettes are less harmful than burning tobacco:  There is conclusive evidence that completely substituting e-cigarettes for combustible tobacco cigarettes reduces users’ exposure to numerous toxicants and carcinogens present in combustible tobacco cigarettes.” (We are not claiming this but according to them E-cigarettes are less harmful than burning tobacco.)
  • This quote about the quality of nicotine delivery:  “There is substantial evidence that nicotine intake from e-cigarette devices among experienced adult e-cigarette users can be comparable to that from combustible tobacco cigarettes.” (Thank goodness! I want my e-cigarette to deliver the amount of nicotine it says that it does. We have always tried to be as much like a cigarette as possible. It’s the main reason we stick to the Cig-A-Like design. So yes I want my e-cigarette to deliver the same amount of nicotine as my burning tobacco cigarette) 
  • There were some bad findings, like this one:  “There is substantial evidence that components of e-cigarette aerosols can promote formation of reactive oxygen species/oxidative stress. Although this supports the biological plausibility of tissue injury and disease from longterm exposure to e-cigarette aerosols, generation of reactive oxygen species and oxidative stress induction is generally lower from e-cigarettes than from combustible tobacco cigarette smoke.” (Okay so I am not sure what most of that says, I can say it sounds bad. I can also say that the part at the end there about this problem being less of a problem with electronic cigarettes then it is with burning tobacco is the part that matters to me. We here at A Clean Cigarette have always said that nothing you inhale besides clean air is good for you. If you DO NOT smoke burning tobacco, smoking an e-cigarette is a bad choice. E-cigarettes are not harmless. But according to this Systematic Review commissioned by our very own congress burning tobacco is way worse. So for myself switching seems logical.)
  • Nicotine findings like this “There is substantial evidence that heart rate increases after nicotine intake from e-cigarettes.” (Yep, inhaled nicotine does what inhaled nicotine does regardless of how it’s delivered to the lungs. It’s for this reason that never smokers should never use an electronic nicitine delivery system. Nicotine is addictive. Always.)
  • Great findings like this quote “There is limited evidence for improvement in lung function and respiratory symptoms among adult smokers with asthma who switch to e-cigarettes completely or in part (dual use).(WOW! I love this one. I know it only says limited evidence, but since my own story is evidence of this statement I get excited. It claims that Asthma systems may be improved just by switching to e-cigarettes in full or in part. All I will say is that I have not used my inhalers in 3 years)
  • It gets better with this finding quote “There is substantial evidence that completely switching from regular use of combustible tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes results in reduced short-term adverse health outcomes in several organ systems.” (WOOT!!! They said it not us!! )
  • This quote “There is limited evidence that e-cigarettes may be effective aids to promote smoking cessation.” Which was followed by this finding quote, “There is moderate evidence from randomized controlled trials that e-cigarettes with nicotine are more effective than e-cigarettes without nicotine for smoking cessation.” (If you are a regular reader you may remember a series of blogs that I did on the 2017 Electronic Cigarette Summit in Washington DC. Well, while we were there more then one of the expert speakers spoke about the fact that doing a randomized controlled trials to answer the smoking cessation question would be next to impossible. There were a variety of reasons for this but they all seemed very logical at the time.So then I wasn’t surprised when they said this) “there is moderate evidence from observational studies that more frequent use of e-cigarettes is associated with increased likelihood of cessation.”
  • This quote is kinda cool too. “There is moderate evidence that second-hand exposure to nicotine and particulates is lower from e-cigarettes compared with combustible tobacco cigarettes.” (We are not surprised, just saying. Kinda a bummer they don’t elaborate on how much less.)
  • The review does find that the nicotine in e-cigarette is addictive, which was no surprise, but it also noted this surprising finding “There is moderate evidence that risk and severity of dependence are lower for e-cigarettes than combustible tobacco cigarettes.” (Okay here I am blown away, I had hoped that e-cigarettes were less addictive than burning tobacco cigarettes, but would never have assumed it strait out. Keep in mind though we are still not making this claim. They are.)
  • What they decided about cancer “There is no available evidence whether or not e-cigarette use is associated with intermediate cancer endpoints in humans. This holds true for comparisons of e-cigarette use compared with combustible tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarette use compared with no use of tobacco products.” (So okay this is stuff that needs time I understand. Something I keep in mind is that while I am unsure if e-cigarettes increase my likely hood for cancer, I am POSITIVE that smoking burning tobacco will increase my cancer chances. So If I were a non-smoker the risk would not be worth it, but as an x-burning tobacco user I think some chance at no cancer is better then no chance at no cancer. However that is just me.)
  • Unfortunately, they also found that kids who use these products have a higher likely hood of smoking burning tobacco. “There is substantial evidence that e-cigarette use increases risk of ever using combustible tobacco cigarettes among youth and young adults.” (This is bad, and exactly way we can not sell these products to minors or never smokers. At A Clean Cigarette, we don’t.)

There is so much more to this report. The amount of information is mind boggling. Most of it however is not surprising. Put simply it claims that while electronic cigarettes are not harmless products they are in fact less harmful than burning tobacco and they may be able to help current smokers to quit. It also claims that young people and never smokers should never use e-cigarettes because they run the risk of becoming dependent. The FDA and our Congress will most likely use this evidence to decide regulations. As long as they look at the entire document and do not pick and choose what evidence to look at it sounds great to us.

Feel free to check out the entire thing here: National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine.

Thank you so much for coming to this blog and caring enough to be informed. Please, Please, Please share this. It is so vital that we get this information out there. Big media is reporting on this and only highlighting the bad, such as how it could be a gateway to non-smokers. We NEED them to focus on the overwhelming amount of good that this report finds. Share this anywhere and everywhere you think it will be seen by anyone. Every click counts and every pair of eyes makes a huge difference. Unfortunately there has been a ton of false negative propaganda put out, now we start repairing the damage and educating our fellow smokers. Smokers deserve options, smokers deserve a clean cigarette. Thank you!



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