CleanCigaretteLogo(13Hello, Dawn here and today I would like you to imagine yourself on a subway in New York.

Where you are going is not really important. You are just strolling along, with your electronic cigarette in hand, headed to do whatever your day is set to bring you.

You check your phone for the time, take a quick pull off of your e-cigarette and head to the appropriate terminal to await your ride.

Here is were things get interesting, because instead of stepping on to the train as it pulls up, you are stopped by a police officer and cited for “smoking” in the subway. Smoking has been banned from the subway for years, but remember you are not puffing on a burning cigarette, so how can you get a costly smoking citation if you are not smoking?!?!

That is exactly what happened to Mr. Sean Thomas not too long ago in New York.  However, Mr. Thomas did not just pay his unfair fine and move on. No, this ambitious electronic cigarette user went to court to fight for his rights; and we applaud him for it!

Not only did he fight for his rights in the People vs. Thomas court case, he won. You see, smoking is basically defined as lighting a tobacco product on fire and smoking it. Mr. Thomas wanted to know how a product such as electronic cigarettes, which is neither tobacco or lit on fire, can be considered smoking?!?!  The courts agreed!  This is what they had to say:

New york court

We may have already known this, but it is sure nice to see a court system look at this issue logically and come to a common sense verdict. WTG to the amazing judge in this case!

The Good News:

  • New York tends to set national trends.
  • Ruling like these draw national attention to an issue that needs the attention
  • This ruling will set a precedents that other people can now use to fight for their rights in regards to electronic cigarettes.

The Bad News:

  • The state can now go back and review or alter the definition of “smoking” to help fight against this ruling

We hope that is NOT what happens but we are going into this with our eyes wide open. That being said it is as important as ever that you as the consumer speaks up regarding your rights to electronic cigarettes and nicotine delivery options. We could not have done what Mr. Sean Thomas did, but you can. At some point we will do a call to action and we will NEED your voice. Please check back often for information! We will nee you to help us, to help you.

As always if you have any questions drop me a line at or if you would like more information on A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes, visit our company webpage at! We love to hear from you and we are always willing to help you obtain the answers you deserve. Thank you so much for visiting and a special thank you to Mr. Sean Thomas and the New York Court systems! This is a true win for the electronic cigarette world! Rock and Roll!






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