New HUD regs start today, smoking banned in public housing, It’s okay, we have an alternative.

Hello! Thanks for stopping in, Dawn here your A Clean Cigarette blogger. Today we are going to talk about Public Housing.  Since most of my readers are either smokers that have made the switch or smokers thinking about making the switch I am sure you will understand when I say that it really bites when the federal government gets involved with our nicotine habit. I mean between the taxes they keep packing on to tobacco and the chemicals like “fire retardant” on the paper, the Federal Government has thoroughly screwed up on a number of levels.

So when we hear that as of today all smoking in public housing will be banned it’s not really a huge surprise to us.  It does not suck any less for those smokers who now have to walk off the premises completely to smoke a cigarette, however. some public housing complexes are large and if your apartment is in the back of the complex the walk could be outrageous.  I may not use burning tobacco anymore, but I can completely empathize with how much a walk like that would tick me off when I needed a smoke. I mean you can’t even smoke on your balcony! WTH?

There is one thing you CAN do though, you can use an e-cigarette, check it out for your self on the image below with questions and answers click Here for the PDF or click HERE to go to an easy to read overview of the entire policy.


Clipped from Hud Guide


Pretty straightforward, if you are section 8 and live in a privately owned dwelling then you are exempt as long as your landlord allows smoking, everyone else is pretty much under this if you live in public housing.

We at A Clean Cigarette understand that not everyone will want to walk 25 feet from their home to smoke a cigarette, and we have an option that is not only allowed but is so discreet your landlord may never even know you have it. Our Cig-a-like design is created to taste and feel like a cigarette but NOT smell like one. In fact, in most cases, there is no scent at all, and since we have opted to keep our “cloud”  very small you can count on it being hard to detect.  I sometimes hold my hit about 3 seconds longer than normal so I do not get any visible cloud, but that is up to you.

Why is a small cloud important when e-cigarettes are not banned? Because if a bunch of cloud blowers fill up these housing units and non-smokers complain than I am betting that HUD will crack down on it. I could be wrong, but it’s better to just not find out. We have options, we have a discreet way to get our nicotine, our throat hit and to have it taste like a cigarette without having to walk outside and 25 feet down the way to get it. We have A Clean Cigarette, and the bonus? It cost a ton less than burning tobacco. To the single moms in the housing units that nice bit of savings could mean a big deal.

If you or a loved one are looking for a high quality discrete alternative that you can use inside your public housing units stop into any of our 20 Michigan locations OR our online web store. We will ship for free to anywhere in the US. Visit  to find information on both.  Remember we get it because here at A Clean Cigarette, we are Smokers helping Smokers since 2010.

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