Moonshot thinking in motion. Great things happen when you are open to radical solutions!

CleanCigaretteLogo(12Hello! So Dawn here and today we are going to talk about a topic that is regarding e-cigarettes but not in the typical way that you may think of. What do I mean by that? Well, I was scrolling through linked in when I came across a post that caught my eye. It did not catch my eye and make me thing electronic cigarette, it was just something that drew my curiosity. The title of the post is :

” Moonshot Thinking”

So I started reading it out of curiosity, but the more I read, the more I thought this subject DOES have a direct link to the electronic cigarette industry. Or at very least the A Clean Cigarette version of the industry for sure. I suppose that I should explain what moonshot thinking is according to this article.  Basically you need 3 main concepts to start with:

  1. A Huge Challenge
  2. A Radical Solution
  3. Some Break Through Technology

Moonshot thinking says if you pair those three concepts up with a few simple rather logical ingredients you get a wonderful thing. The ingredients are all here:

  1. Hire passion – This is a good idea for any company or organization and something here at A Clean Cigarette comes real easy. Every one of our team members has used A Clean Cigarette to switch off off burning tobacco. It’s not hard to get passionate about a product like this.
  2. Kill the sacred cow – Okay, I know this sounds odd but the concept is a very solid one. Basically it means not to think in the same old way. Completely shift the way you think about things. When and idea comes up don’t let yourself say “but that’s not how it’s been done” or “we don’t do it that way.” Think outside the box. Here at A Clean Cigarette we have been shaking up the nicotine delivery industry right from the start. Talking to Doctors, getting our product tested, and keeping the ideas and innovations fresh and forward thinking.
  3. Ship it – Basically just do it. If you have a good idea, let it go out into the world, A great idea on a shelf in a closet is only an idea, not a product. We did this in a big way. Growing from 1 kiosk in a mall to 19 brick and mortar locations across Michigan and our on-line store. The next step is spreading the word.

So if we add the ingredients in with the 3 concepts we mentioned how does it look? Let’s take a look at this image to see how moonshot thinking works in the A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarette world.

Moonshot thinking

That is all the A Clean Cigarette family is about right there. How to get nicotine with out having to puff on the end of 600 ingredient 4000+ chemical big tobacco cancer stick. If you are interested in getting revolutionary with our nicotine delivery system check us out. We have switched over 10,000 people off of burning tobacco and we are just getting started. For more information go to or if you would like some personal service and fast answers to your questions drop me a line to Thank you so much for stopping into the blog today, you are very appretiated. If you know someone that an A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarette would be good for, please pass them this blog. It’s full of useful information!





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