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CleanCigaretteLogo(13Hello! Dawn here your A Clean Cigarette blogger. I have to admit that it’s pretty exciting to be a part of this industry right now. Had I been asked, even just 6 years ago, if I would be involved in a movement as powerful as this, there is a good chance that I would have just stared at you with a very blank look on my face. Me? A part of something that could literally re-write the way a 1000 year old habit is done?  A part of something that could be life changing for for not just thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, but millions of lives? What? It never even occurred to me that this was possible. As a regular everyday person, I had seen things like this, but only in movies. But here I am and now for the hard part….

We know that this product is amazing. We know that the A Clean Cigarette electronic cigarette is a true upgrade to the way nicotine is delivered. We also know that in order to change the way people smoke, we need to educate and inform. Informed buyers are the best buyers. Informed buyer know what they are getting into and have the opportunity to really decide what is best for them and their lives. At A Clean Cigarette we know that if we want to spread the word we need to spread the information, but how?

Well obviously we have the blog, and the videos. We also have the magazine, the web-site and a large variety of flyers and promotional info. All of these tools are great. They really are, but we know that none of these tools can compare to the information available at our brick and mortar locations!


Every team member at A Clean Cigarette, not only understands the product, they use the product. We all started on the product before we became passionate enough to join the A Clean Cigarette team. Due to this, when you visit an A Clean Cigarette store you are not talking to just a sales clerk. You are talking to someone who has been exactly where you are standing now.  You are talking to a member of the A Clean Cigarette community. That simple fact means we have real motivation to learn about the product and understand what we are putting into our own bodies. This understanding translates into product knowledge that is shared with you.

Regardless of which store location you visit, you will find a real person who probably never imagined they would be part of something as amazing and life changing as this industry is. Whether you are visiting with Tera at the Pay-Per-Clip in Saginaw, Harold in Bay City building or Rita in our Ann Arbor location, you are talking to someone who really understands what making the switch means to long term smokers. Take Cathy at our Mount Pleasant store: Cathy smoked for 41 years before switching to A Clean Cigarette. Wow. 41 years, that really is a long term situation right there.  Or Amber at our Caro store who after 16 years of smoking was up to 2 packs of burning tobacco a day wen she came to us. The cost of 2 packs a day is a scary thought!

The bottom line is that as proud of this blog as I am and as full of information as we have tried to make it, nothing can be as useful as taking the time to stop into a store, any store. Grab a cup of coffee (it’s always on) and grab a seat. We have information to share, and we are more than willing to hear your stories and celebrate your successes right along with you. We get it.

If you are interested in checking out one, or more than one, of our store locations we want to make it easy for you. Here is a complete list of addresses and phone numbers as well as a link to each stores google map information. Take a look then pick a store near you. Stop in, we can help.

To find our on-line store or a complete list of our locations click here.
               To find our on-line store click here.



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