Let’s Talk Results: 2018 E-Cigarette Survey

Dawn here your A Clean Cigarette Blogger. Thanks for stopping in. You may remember a few months ago we talked about an in-store informal survey we were asking customers to do. We also did a much smaller online survey. Now it’s time to see some of the results.

Before we get to the hard numbers I want to give a shout out to the over 600 A Clean Cigarette Customers that participated in these surveys. We are taking everything you guys had to say to heart and we are seriously grateful that you gave your valuable time to help us be the best we can be for you and all smokers.

Thank you!

Smokers Helping Smokers Since 2010

Just so we are all on the same page, here is an example of the instore survey that ran during November and December of 2018. Customers were offered a discounted cartridge for participating. Any question the customers did not want to answer due to medical or other issues did not disqualify them from the discounted cartridge as long as some of the questions were answered.


What did you have to say? : The Results.

Strait up, we are incredibly proud of these results. 

(FYI PCT = Participant count total (how many people qualified for that result)

Who are our customers? 

Around 60% of our customers are female while the remaining 40% are male. (+/- <1%)

(Click on the image to see a larger view of it ⇑)

Are our customers reaching their goals?

After removing the blanks and other answers nearly 62% of our customers say that they have met or exceeded their goals while 37% say they have not yet reached their goals.


What does that mean for our burning tobacco-free success rates?

Well according to you guys if we take the unanswered blanks out of the figure over 90% of the customers here at A Clean Cigarette that answered the question are completely burning tobacco-free. That means that less than 10% are duel users. We love hearing that!



How are the folks who are burning tobacco-free doing their nicotine levels?

Almost 33% of customers have lowered their nicotine level since starting with A Clean Cigarette Another 47% have stayed steady at their original nicotine level. The remaining 20% ish is divided between blanks and increases. It’s not uncommon for people to start on one level and need to raise up a level on their second trip to help them successfully switch.



Overall as a smoker, I am impressed with these results. In many of the above cases, the folks who are lowering their nic level came to us with the intention of walking down. We want to support and help that. Many of the ones who have stayed at the beginning nicotine level claim to have also reached their personal goals. Not all smokers WANT to give up nicotine, some of us just wanted options for its delivery. We are looking to switch not quit. (I am on the same nicotine level that I started with back in 2013 and have never tried to go down. It is good to know though that if I change my mind A Clean Cigarette will have my back without judgment.) 


What are you guys telling us about your health?

There was a lot involved in the survey about health. I am going to share a few of the health results here but if you would like to see the rest of them just drop me a line on our Facebook page or email Dawn@acleancigaretteblog.com.

(BTW we are NOT claiming to do any of these things. All we are saying is that when we asked our customers this is what they had to say. Please always check with a doctor and do your own research before starting any new product or service.)

Overall Health:

According to you guys, 99.64% of the people that responded to this question claim their overall health has improved. WOW! Even we did not expect this!


It’s easy to figure out why so many people did not answer this question. It is because most people do not have COPD, Thankfully! So if we take out all the folks who left the answer blank we can see that 96.49% of our COPD customers are either the same or better since starting with ACC. Less than 2% have had it affect them in a negative way. Kinda telling since I am betting if cigarette smokers were asked about their COPD symptoms they would say their symptoms got worse in 99% of the cases.

Breathing Quality:

Not to worry though from what we can tell from these results breathing quality for all of our customers did well. Even without the blank answers took out over 85% of people that answered the question claimed that their breathing improved. With the blanks removed a whopping 97% of you say that your breathing has improved just by switching off of burning tobacco and on to an electronic delivery system like A Clean Cigarette.


And what health issue had the worst results/ side effects?

When we decided to do this survey we knew we would find some people who had some side effects such as dry throat.  In fact, it was no shock to us that the worst of these turned out to be throat irritation. What WAS a shock is how few people claim to experience it.  Less than 3% of ACC customers who answered this question have exsperianced throat irritation.



Curious about the results on other possible side-effects? Check this out. ⇓


Keep in mind this is only a survey of 600 people. This is NOT scientific evidence and should not be taken that way. Nothing you inhale into your lungs besides clean air is safe. Including electronic cigarettes.


Where do our customers live?

Here is a list of some of the home cities that were represented on these surveys. I could not list all the cities that participated due to space but here is a quick view of a few of the higher hitting or larger cities. The ones highlighted in red are our top 5 contributors.



How do they hear about us?

This is another thing that did not surprise us at all. We have always said that we could not be us without you. For us, it’s not a cliche. It is a simple truth. Nearly 61% of the customers who participated in this survey were referred to us by family and friends. That literally beats out every other answer COMBINED.

You guys are what makes us Smokers Helping Smokers and we appreciate it!


That’s a ton of information and there is a ton more in these surveys. I can not go through it all here unless you guys want this to be an epically long blog. I have not asked you, but I have a feeling I know what most people would say…Wrap it up, Dawn. Lol So I will do just that.

If you would like to see something specific related to these survey results or questions on anything e-cigarette related drop me a line on our FB page or E-mail me at Dawn@acleancigaretteblog.com. If you would like more information on A Clean Cigarette products visit:


Thanks again for stopping by and thanks ahead of time for sharing this info. Every Click Counts!!



PS: Due to the low participation rate the online survey totals and results are not shown here. We appreciate the few participants that did complete it!



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