Less Known “upsides” to Electronic Cigarettes


Hello! Dawn here and I am very glad to be here!

Okay so if you have not been living under a rock or in a cave for the last decade, then you have probably heard of the most often talked about upsides of A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes. Things like the lack of tar compared to burning tobacco and the lack of nearly 600 ingredients and over 4000 chemicals compared to burning tobacco are pretty much common knowledge. But what about all the other “upsides”?  The ones less often talked about, but very much appreciated by A Clean Cigarette users? What about them?

I think it’s about time these really great upsides get the limelight they deserve, so today we are going to give credit where credit is due! Here are some burning tobacco issues that are solved by making the switch to A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes.

Burning tobacco issue one:

How many of us as burning tobacco smokers have had to put a cigarette out half way through. Whether it’s because of time restraints, breathing issues or any number of other reasons a whole cigarette is just not always in the game plan. Sometimes we get back to that half smoked cigarette butt that we left in the ashtray, but let’s be honest they never taste the same and tend to be at least partially covered in filthy ash. (or whatever gross thing someone threw in the ashtray, chewing gum for instance…)

The worst part of this burning tobacco issue though? All the times we don’t get to come back to that half cigarette. Times like when we ditch our smoke quickly as we walk into a store or when the ashtray we thought our half cigarette would be safe in, gets emptied by some do-gooder before we can get the time to enjoy the rest of our nicotine. Why is this the worst part? Because cigarettes are not cheap.

If we waste even a quarter of each cigarette in a pack that’s a quarter of about $6 dollars we are quite literally throwing away! That’s about $600/ per year in waste. That’s a house payment or two car payments!! That’s an extra $600 dollars that could have been spent on Christmas. Wouldn’t $600 be a nice addition to your December budget?

Electronic Cigarette Solution:

Nothing’s burning so no need to butt out a half a cigarette. Bonus: when you only have time for a few hits, the next time you come back it will taste the same as before and not be covered in filthy ash. Making the switch not only saves you money compared to buying burning tobacco, it saves you money on all those wasted half cigarettes too!

Burning tobacco issue two:

Have you ever sold a car that you smoked in? Ever bought one? Not hard to tell when you are buying one from a smoker. It smells, well like smoke and thanks to the sticky tar resin, that smell is hard to get out.  Most times there is at least one burn hole in the seats or the roof. Especially since they added flame retardant to the paper of burning tobacco. The resale value is directly affected by burning tobacco use.

Electronic Cigarette Solution:

Nothing’s burning! Again, the lack of fire and tar means a whole lot here. Instead of smoking filthy burning tobacco to get your nicotine, and destroying the value of a car. Hasn’t big tobacco cost us enough? Save your car value, puff on A Clean Cigarette. Same gain no pain!

Burning tobacco issue three:ash

Last year I had the opportunity to go to the beautiful Saratoga Springs New York. This place is amazing. Streams and rivers twist and dance through forest of colorful trees and flora. Geysers pepper the area with healing waters that have been a source of wellness for so long even Indian artifacts have been found near their basins. Amazing, until you look down on the trail and see the ugly scattered remnants of burning tobacco cigarette butts. They are on the trails, in the water and no, they do not fit the majestic scenery at all.

Electronic Cigarette Solution:

Not only is there no “butt” left over after you finish your A Clean Cigarette, but the cartridges that are left over are recyclable! In fact, A Clean Cigarette is so committed to being the cleanest nicotine delivery system that you can use, we offer .5 cents a piece for every cartridge returned to us to be recycled.

Burning tobacco issue four:

Now this one won’t be an issue for everyone, but for me it really was. My husband, who is a great man, is also a non-smoker. In fact, he is a never smoker. So as you can imagine he has never been happy with my burning tobacco nicotine delivery system. Thankfully he also understood I was a smoker before him, but that did not help much when it came down to all the tobacco-related situations. By situations, I mean things like having the car window down a few inches, even in the dead of winter, so I could smoke in the car, or situations like having to pat my back while I had a smoking related asthma attack. And although he never complained about it, I know kissing an ashtray is not enjoyable for anyone. Marital bliss, or the lack there of in the case of a smoker married to a non-smoker, is a rather large burning tobacco issue, at least it was for me.

Electronic Cigarette Solution:

I know I sound like a broken record but again, but the simple fact is, nothing’s burning with A Clean Cigarette. So no need to roll down the window, and no stank mouth kisses. In fact, there are none of the marital issues that are associated with burning tobacco. No longer do smokers need to spray cologne or perfume on to cover the stench. No longer do the non-smoking spouses have to endure the pain of watching their loved ones cough up balls of tar filled phlegm. Marital Bliss is priceless, and can not be obtained without giving up the nicotine, because let’s be honest, for true addicts, giving up nicotine would not make for a happy home life. (I tend to be a class A  b*#% when I do not have my nicotine, I swear the stuff keeps me out of prison.)  So again, keep the gain, ditch the pain.

Burning tobacco issue five:

Have you ever been at a friends home, or in a public place that you can’t smoke, and feel a Nicotine Fit coming on? You need your fix, but it’s going to be a good 20 minutes or more before you will have an opportunity to sneak out side and take a few puffs?  We live in a world of On-Demand but when it comes to burning tobacco, there is nothing on-demand about it.

Electronic Cigarette Solution:

Gotta say it again, nothing’s burning, so on-demand is the name of the game. No need to rush outside, take a few puffs right now and right here. If you do it on the DL, no one will even know you are getting your nicotine fix, unless you want them too. With A Clean Cigarette. you get a clean puff every time.


There are a ton more benefits to making the switch, but we will save some for another post! Thanks for taking the time to check out the blog. Again I hope it is not only informative but entertaining. If you have any questions drop me a line to AccAnswers@gmail.com. I will do my best to find you the answers you deserve. If you or a loved one is interested in making the switch to a quality cig-a-like check out acleancigarette.com for our full on-line store and a complete list of our physical store locations.





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