Lansing update! This is huge!!!! The light bulb may finally be turning on!!!

Hey it’s Dawn, and let me tell you today’s blog is amazing! We at A Clean Cigarette have been working hard for a long time now in an effort to educate lawmakers, the media and medical professionals about electronic cigarettes. We have called, wrote, visited, and done pretty much everything we can think of to help spread the word that there IS evidence that this product could be a historical opportunity to give smokers possible life saving options for nicotine delivery. We just need the go ahead to start helping people do more then just make the switch. Due to the current rules we can not market A Clean Cigarette as a smoking cessation device. So we don’t. Some of the “powers that be” have heard us, some have not. We are not alone either. A ton of people from all walks of life have taken the time to reach out to these groups, in a real effort to share with them the amazing facts about this product.

Mr. Scott Everett
Mr. Scott Everett, To find out more about him click the pic to hear him speak on our Makin the Switch Podcast

Sometimes it seemed like no matter what we tried to do, our message was falling on deaf ears. Then a couple days ago our lobbyist, Scott Everett, sent us some amazing, and I do mean amazing news.  It came out of the blue and it happened in California of all places. It is by far the best bit of politics I have seen. They held an annual council meeting and invited lawmakers and power players from across the country. We asked Scott to do a quick write up on the main points of interest and once you read it I think you will be able to see why we are soooooooooooooooooooooo very excited!

2014-02-11 16.53.51
A pic of the State Capitol Building that I took today at our RE Olds Car show Event! We were set up right on the capitol lawn with our tent! Click the pic to see information on our upcoming events.
So without further to do let’s hear from Mr.Scott Everett!

By Scott Everett, A Clean Cigarette, Legislative Consultant

At the American Legislative Exchange Council Annual Meeting in San Diego, California on July 22, a panel discussion took place in front of legislators from all over the country about E-Cigarettes, prompting the President of a Clean Cigarette, Cary Lee to smile and say, “I think a light bulb may have just got turned on for legislators that were at that meeting.”

The highlights include:

Scott Ballin, a former vice president of public policy for the American Heart Association: “There are significant differences in the risk of the various products out there. It’s what one does with the products that causes harm. Cigarette smoking and the use of combustible products causes the premature death of 400,000 Americans every year, but smokers switching to non-combustible nicotine products drop health risks dramatically. What I’m really for is reducing the disease and death caused by tobacco products.”

Dr. Sally Satel, a resident scholar and psychiatrist with the American Enterprise Institute: “E-cigarettes aren’t cigarettes. If there’s no tobacco in them, they can’t be combusted. “What they take in is a combination of water vapor and nicotine.” Public health professionals have accepted the use of methadone as a substitute for heroin, accepted needle exchange programs to prevent the spread of disease among drug addicts, and back the handing out of condoms to sexually active teens to reduce HIV, but remain vehemently opposed to e-cigarettes, which are significantly safer than lighting up. Lawmakers should make e-cigarettes more attractive than cigarettes in every way you can think of because you want to incentivize smokers to quit. Lawmakers should consider providing health care premium discounts for individuals who switch from combustible cigarettes to e-cigarettes. If every smoker were to switch to vapor tomorrow that would be an amazing public health moment,”

Bonnie Herzog, an analyst with Wells Fargo that looks at tobacco issues: “E-cigarette users could ultimately outnumber those who consume combustible tobacco products. The overwhelming theme is the public health opportunity.”

Representative Kathy Crawford (R-Novi, Michigan), who serves on the Michigan House Health Policy and Regulatory Reform Committee: “From a public policy standpoint it makes sense to look at e-cigarettes as a way to reduce use of combustible tobacco products.


Picture of our CEO Cary Lee and Mr. Scott Everett on the Capitol lawn today. There's our tent!
Picture of our CEO Cary Lee and Mr. Scott Everett on the Capitol lawn today. There’s our tent!

So there you have it folks, a few amazing voices of reason. I bet you can see why this made us so happy!  All we can do is keep raising our voices and hoping to be heard. If you would like to contact your State or Federal lawmakers and government officials just Click Here to connect with the US elected official directory. I had no luck with the search bar, but scroll down and the links take you where you need to go for each category. If you are looking for other ways to help our voices be hears, share this Blog. Help us get the information out there that Big Media does not always report on!

One of the great people I was able to meet today in Lansing. This is Betty and she has one of the best most honestly happy smiles I have ever had the privilege to witness. Thank you Betty for being you. Pictured next to her is our very own Cary Lee.
One of the great people we were able to meet today in Lansing. This is Betty and she has one of the best, most honestly happy smiles I have ever had the privilege to witness. Thank you Betty for being you! Pictured next to her is our very own Cary Lee.

Well I really do not know what else I could possibly say to make this post any more packed full today, so I think that is it for me. Thank you so much for stopping in, you are very appreciated! A Very Special Thank You to Mr. Scott Everett for putting these highlights together for us!  If you have any questions drop me an email at or I you would like more information on A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes visit!





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