It’s that time of the year again: E-Cigarette Summit 2019

Welcome to the A Clean Cigarette blog. This is Dawn here your loyal ACC blogger reporting on anything and everything electronic cigarette related. This week that means talking about the upcoming annual E-Cigarette Summit in Washington DC on April 29th 2019.

As many of you may know this is our third time going to the e-cigarette summit and each time we do our best to report what happens to you.

Why do we report on the e-cigarette summit?

Here on the ACC blog, we spend a lot of time talking about e-cigarette subjects like nicotine dose, tar, e-cigarette etiquette and many more. All of these subjects are important, however, there are two subjects that we talk about that are the MOST important ones. Science and Regulation.

Let’s face it. Regardless of how amazing e-cigarettes have been in the battle against the worlds deadliest consumer product. Burning tobacco cigarettes. They are going to be regulated and then regulated some more. As an industry and as smokers we need to make sure those regulations are based on good science and with smoker’s lives and stories in mind.

Enter the e-cigarette summit.

The E-Cigarette summit is not just a bunch of people getting together to smoke e-cigarettes. It’s a venue that will host supporters, naysayers, regulators, scientist and doctors all in the same place. That means people like me get one chance a year. One chance to have one-on-one conversations with the people that have our smoking lives in their hands.

Those conversations can help us to bring you the most up to date information. However, they also let us bring your smoker’s stories to them. We think it’s important that these guys see humans not just numbers on the papers in front of them.

Reporting what we learn from this experience is super important for all of us. But reporting our world to them is just as important.

Who and What do they have in store for 2019?

The folks from Smooth Events who put the e-cigarette summit on each year, knock it out of the park every time. Based on the line up this year I am betting they do it again.


I know right. That is a heck of a lineup. Not to mention all the people who won’t be speaking but will be there. Some of these names may look familiar from last year, but there are a few new ones. I look forward to chatting with all of them.

Next Week

As I said before this year’s E-Cigarette Summit is scheduled to happen on April 29th. That is next Monday and I will be there with bells on. Unfortunately, it also means I will not be blogging next week. Have no fear though, the following week I will be back. And I will have a full report on everything important that happens there.

In the meantime, I just want to give a huge shout out and thank you to everyone that reads this blog. You are truly appreciated. I will do my very best to bring the information from DC to you in a way that will help you understand the what, where and why behind the science and regulation of electronic cigarettes. At least as far as the folks at the summit are concerned.

Thanks again for stopping by. I will see you in two weeks!





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