It’s black Friday and the race is on. Want a great gift idea? We have your back here at A Clean Cigarette!

CleanCigaretteLogo(13Hey everyone its black Friday today and this is Dawn here chatting on everything electronic cigarette related. Today we are going to talk about what everyone is thinking about this time of the year, Christmas shopping.

Every year we stand in long lines waiting to pay for an array of gifts we have purchased for our loved ones. The shopping part for me is bitter sweet. I love finding the perfect gift for the perfect person, I hate the hunt.  I am never sure whether I should be looking for something useful or something fun that my loved one would never buy for themselves, but would love to own. Do I go sensible? Do I go goofy? I tend to side with sensible but when I do decide, how do I figure out what a “sensible” gift would be?

Well this year I would like to make a suggestion.

It won’t help with every loved one you buy for.  In fact this product will only help loved ones who smoke.

When you buy a box for your loved one and they bring it in, we fill it with 7 cartridges 2 batteries and a charger. Give a gift that keeps on giving this year. Help a loved one make the switch!!

Being that I am on an electronic cigarette blog talking about buying a sensible gift I am fairly sure you know what my suggestion is going to be. An electronic cigarette right? Of course. But if you have made the switch or know someone who has, you know that in order to be successful at switching off of burning tobacco a one size fits all approach to electronic cigarettes is not suggested. There are tons of brands and nicotine level burning tobacco cigarettes out there, and every smoker has a level and taste they relate to their particular burning tobacco habit. So stopping in and buying them a starter kit may seem unrealistic.

We want to offer you an option that will make buying your smoking loved one the perfect sensible gift as useful and easy as possible. To do that we are offering give a box. That’s right you give the box, we will fill it when your loved one is ready to switch. This gives the person you are trying to help a chance to come into any of our store locations, regardless which location you purchased the box from, and have the opportunity to find their perfect fit.

What a powerful and extremely useful present to buy for your loved one that smokes. With A Clean Cigarettes updated nicotine delivery system, they will get the look, the feel and the nicotine they want, without almost 600 ingredients, 4000 chemicals and the tar associated with the out dated burning tobacco delivery system they currently use.  Just a suggestion for you to think about while you are out and about shopping this black Friday!

If this is something you are interested in just stop buy our stores and let us know!! We are happy to help! I hope this gift idea makes Christmas shopping a little easier for you this year. Even if it’s only for the tobacco smokers in your family. If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line at Thank you!!





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