Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s the 21st century flying in to save a billion lives!



Technology is powerful because it improves our lives. It does so in a variety of ways, from increasing the speed in which we can get things done, to helping improve medicines and treatments. With the growth of technology we as a world are better connected and have access to more knowledge quicker than ever before. Advances in technology are exciting and everyday breakthroughs and advancements are happening that are improving our lives.

What if I told you that one of these technological advancements is a product that could potentially save nearly a billion lives this century. That although this technology should be studied more, the studies that have been done are showing even better than imagined results. That’s huge, a billion lives, but almost unimaginable right? A number that large is hard to wrap your brain around.

Okay, then let’s bring it down to a workable number. Let’s not talk about the lives that could be saved in the century; let’s talk about it in the amount of human lives that could be saved in a single year with this product.

6 million

Not such a small number right?

Now what it I told you that by simply changing the way we deliver a substance to consumers, we could save all those lives. That the consumer would still get exactly the same substance, just with the technology of the 21st century powering it’s delivery instead of a delivery mechanism that is hundreds of years old and very outdated?

Wouldn’t it then make sense to upgrade to the delivery system that changed the world to the tune of 6 million people a year? Of course right?

Then why isn’t it completely excepted and studied and promoted by every medical and government entity out there? If this technology could impact society this much, shouldn’t we be talking about it, a lot? And when it is talked about, why are they so focused on finding a negative? Even untrue negatives?

Well a movie scheduled for release in 2016 is looking into a few of the possible why’s. It’s very controversial view points and information is a dark look at some possible insights that may leave the viewer with as many questions as answers before it’s over. Many of the things they say in this movie we can not say as an industry, but that does not mean we do not wonder about this stuff. Take a look at the trailer for yourself. Please leave feed back and let us know what you think. Thank you so much!





A Clean Cigarette can not endorse anything said in this film. Our products are not intended to treat or cure any aliment. Please check with your health care professional regarding any lung health issues. We do however applaud and appreciate the active seekers of truth regarding the electronic cigarette industry. Regardless of where the truth goes we will follow.  A Clean Cigarette was one of the first electronic cigarette brands to have a product lab analysis done here in the USA and we have proudly made it public on




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