Is helping people good business?

A Clean Cigarette Brand Logo_Blue_Green_SilverHello all, Dawn here again and before we start I would like to once again thank all of you. Whether you are a weekly reader, an every now againer or a first-timer, I appreciate you. Keeping smokers informed and up to date on this industry is our most powerful tool in the fight against big tobacco. That is why I am always looking around to see what information is out there that I can share with you. Well, recently I found an article online that got me thinking. Is helping people good business?

Let’s start at the beginning ( I find it’s the best place to start most times.  

First, let’s start with the article I mentioned above.  Mind you it has very little to nothing to do with e-cigarettes. The topic is still relevant though. (Click the heading to find the original article.)

Goldman Sachs asks in biotech research report: ‘Is curing patients a sustainable business model?’

For those of you not wanting to go read the entire article let me sum it up. Basically, Goldman Sachs wanted to find out if investing in some of the current biotech is a good financial idea.

Now obviously these products are a GREAT idea for humans in general. Who would not want a “one-shot cure” for things like cancer? But that was not the question. The question was do these biotech companies have a sustainable business model. The short answer apparently is no.

You see the biggest issue according to these guys is that if you cure all your customers eventually you won’t have any customers to cure. Therefore helping people to get healthy is NOT a stable business plan. Unfortunately, biotech companies may have a hard time finding future investors due to this issue.

How it relates to A Clean Cigarette

Here at A Clean Cigarette, we don’t just have customers who walk in and buy nicotine. We have smokers that come to us with a battle and we help them achieve goals that are right for them. For some people that just means making the switch off of burning tobacco. They have no want to lower nicotine levels or walk away from the A Clean Cigarette brand e-cigarette.

Way more often though people come to us as the first step towards a tobacco-free goal. They know we are not an FDA approved smoking cessation product but they also know we have 6 levels of nicotine that walk down in strength. Many smokers use those to walk down levels and walk right off of our product.

And we CHEER!!

Helping People

Here at A Clean Cigarette, we have been asked MANY times “what happens when there are no more smokers?” Or “if all your customers walk down to 0 what will you do then?”

Our answer: Freaking celebrate!

I mean really think about that for a second. IF there were no more smokers in the world and no reason to still be helping people switch away from burning tobacco that would mean headlines like these:

“No More Deaths From Smoking-Related illness!”

“Billions of Lives Changed!”

“Big Tobacco Losses the War, Humanity Wins!”

“Copd and Lung Cancer nearly a thing of the past!”

(Wouldn’t that be awesome!?!?)

Even the tiniest way

For us here at A Clean Cigarette we are not only NOT worried about losing money by helping too many people. We are also in this business to do just that. It’s our GOAL. To switch as many smokers off of burning tobacco as we can and help those smokers get to the nicotine level that is right for them. Even when that level is 0.

We are a group of smokers, who just want to help smokers. If that means putting an end to the most deadly habit in human history. Good. If it means we will have no more customers. Good. We will find something else to sell. If it means not making high profits and some months going down in profit because we went up in success…Freaking Awesome.

Seriously, to be a part, even a tiny part, of writing those headlines would be the absolute best legacy we could ever leave in this world. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

Don’t get me wrong

We are not saints here at A Clean Cigarette. We like money as much as the next guy. So while there are still smokers who need help, we still want to provide them with options. We do more than just hand over nicotine, we support you and understand you and make your goals our priority. While money is good, smokers are what’s important to us.

On the other hand

When it comes to nicotine delivery there are plenty of companies out for the all mighty buck. I mean big tobacco has proven over and over again that their business plan is extreamly good at making money. Investors never fear placing their money here and they never have a hard time finding funding to make more products.

Of course big tobaccos business model doesn’t have the same issues that biotech and e-cigarettes have. They don’t cure anything or help improve anything, they just keep getting people addicted and keep making money and when one customer dies they just hook the next generation.

Since we NEVER sell to never smokers don’t have a next generation to sell to, at least we won’t if we can get big tobaccos influence out of our industry.

Brands with Big Tobacco Backing (not a complete list)

Here are a few brands that are owned or financed in some way by big tobacco. We are not saying these are bad e-cigarettes, we are just pointing out what big tobacco’s business plan is. If they were all about profits with the deadly burning tobacco products, we don’t think it bodes well for their plans for the electronic cigarette industry.


MarkTen (Discontinued)



V2 (Discontinued)



A longer list than you thought? Me too. It’s crazy how deeply big tobacco has entrenched its self into this industry. Too bad they are not working with us to get rid of burning tobacco, but then again that would not be a good business plan for there is that…

Thank you

Thank you so much for visiting today. Please help us spread the word about A Clean Cigarette brand e-cigarette to any smokers that you know. We want to help. While we can not and will not claim to be a smoking cessation device, we can say that we were all customers first so we understand. A Clean Cigarette: Smokers Helping Smokers Since 2010.

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