In-spite of the FDA, we are growing! Have no fear, we are not going anywhere!

CleanCigaretteLogo(13Hello! Dawn here bringing you all things electronic cigarette, specifically A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarette.  Recently the news in our industry has been rocky to say the least. Information in regards to the FDA has many people feeling uneasy and with good reason. More than a few of our customers have asked us if we are here to stay or if they need to be worried about our product and products like ours are going to become impossible to find or not.

The questions are fair, but let me reassure you, we are in this for the long haul. Yes, the industry is up in the air. No, we are not going down with out a fight. In the meantime though, I am very proud to announce that we are not only stronger than ever, we are growing! In-fact we are growing so fast that this week we had to make a big move because we were running out of room for all the product we need for you, the customer!

One of the main hurtles in this industry is keeping not only enough, but enough of every flavor product available when and where the customer wants it. It simply is not good business or customer service to be “out” of anything that a customer is looking for. We pride ourselves on being very good at this. When you come into an A Clean Cigarette store to get your refill cartridges, you will find the tobacco flavor you are accustomed to, every-time; and now we are going to be even more sure of that, in-spite of the FDA.

Introducing the A Clean Cigarette Warehouse!

That’s right, now on top of the huge amount of product you already see in each store, we have a back-up supply stored and organized in the new A Clean Cigarette warehouse. We are super proud of it. 

This project was a lot of work and would not be possible with out two very special A Clean Cigarette team members. Working long hard hours these two amazing team members moved boxes, built shelves and created a massive inventory check point that will help A Clean Cigarette to better serve you. Before we go on let’s meet these two A Clean Cigarette Hero’s!

Meet Roy and Dave. (from left to right) Two spectacular members or the A Clean Cigarette family that work behind the scenes to make everything come together for you! These two rock!

These two worked very hard, and it shows! The warehouse looks amazing and runs seamlessly (As long as the rest of us stay out of the way!!)  Take a look at these sneak peek pictures of the warehouse and it is clear to see all the effort and heart these two put into everything they do for the A Clean Cigarette team:

Click to view slideshow.

Looks great doesn’t it! This is just one more way that A Clean Cigarette is growing and getting better for our amazing customers. So have no fear we are not going anywhere!

If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to comment below or visit our Facebook page (you can find a link on the right hand side of this page) or drop me an email at We love to hear from you and I will get back with you ASAP! If you are ready to make the switch and need a company that is going to stand the test of time visit We are here to help! Thank you so much!






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