I love my E-Cig, but my loved ones are worried for my safety.

Hey guys, Dawn again and if you are like me and a lot of other A Clean Cigarette users, then you have friends and family that are unsure about the safety of electronic cigarettes. Most of them are happy that I have given up burning tobacco, but still just uneasy about electronic cigarettes.

It’s hard to blame them, on any given day I can turn on the computer or T.V.  and see misleading propaganda about e-cigarettes. In some cases it’s not even just “misleading” it’s straight out lies and bad science. A few examples of it can be found HERE or HERE on my past blog post.

The hardest part about the whole situation is that in some cases the worst propaganda comes from entities we have been told we can trust.  Take a look at the one below. This is a prime example of the CDC twisting words. Notice they don’t lie. They even state that it was her continued use of burning tobacco cigarettes that caused her lung to collapse, and yet the BOLD words do not even mention the burning tobacco. Nope, they say E-cigarette, you have to read the small print to see it actually says “she kept smoking cigarettes until her lungs collapsed. Even a few cigarettes a day is dangerous.”  So she had cut down on burning tobacco using an electronic cigarette but still smoked burning tobacco…. AKA Propaganda

So what can we do then? If we want to use our electronic cigarettes, but would like our loved ones to support us, how can we fight this negative and misleading propaganda?

It’s a fair question, and here is the A Clean Cigarette answer…

We asked ourselves what would we like to give our own families and our own doctors to help them get behind us, then we made it!

Introducing our Medical Information Packet; created for doctors, but great information for everyone!

This bad boy has it all,

  • A complete lab analysis of the fluid that A Clean Cigarette utilizes.
  • A bibliography which is chalked full of great studies, sources on how you can find them yourself and evidence from places like PHE, NIH and the Mayo Clinic. Every source is in APA format and we have included quotes from each study to help you find the information you deserve regarding electronic cigarettes.
  • A personal cover letter from the founders of A Clean Cigarette, Cary and Mona Lee, that tells you and your loved ones a little bit about us as a company.

With this packet, you will be able to educate anyone in your life that needs it.  Whether it’s your kids, parents, friends or a medical care personnel, you will have science-based evidence to help them support you. And isn’t that what they really want to do? Support us?

If you would like a copy of this (or a few copies) they are free of charge and available at any of our store locations. If you are an online customer, feel free to request the packet in the notes part of your on-line store order. If you are not a customer but would like this information, drop me an e-mail to AccAnswers@gmail.com and I will get one mailed out to you ASAP.

Thank you for visiting the blog today and I sure hope you all the success in the world!






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