How much is smoking REALLY costing you? A lot more than you may think!

logoshadow1Hey there!! It is re-blog Friday here on the A Clean Cigarette Blog! That means I (Dawn) go back through all our past blogs and pick one that I think has a valuable enough message to re-share and re-post. The problem with putting out the massive amount of content that we do here is that great post can get buried pretty deep, very fast. So when the idea of re-blog Friday came up I loved it!!

Today’s re-blog is all about what a life time of smoking burning tobacco cost. What could we buy with all that extra $$ ? Take a peek to see what the cost of smoking really amounts to in a life time!!


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Hello again, Dawn here, and I am glad to have you here! Thank you for checking out this blog. I try to keep it informative and entertaining. I hope you agree. Today while surfing on the web I ran across a quit smoking campaign put together by the FDA. It’s called “The Real Cost of Smoking”, and overall it’s a really great campaign.

smoking_stains_teeth_whiteningWhat they are focusing on is the health cost. Things like premature skin aging and tooth decay.  You may have seen one of the commercials put out by this campaign. I barley watch TV, and I have. The one that sticks in my head the most is where a rather pretty short haired young lady attempts to purchase burning tobacco cigarettes from a convenience store. The money she tries to spend is not enough according to the clerk, so she tears off a part of…

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