Heroin Vs Nicotine: The difference in how public health is dealing with these two epidemics.

logoshadow1Hey all it’s Dawn here Just doing our daily e-cigarette chat! I am so glad you are here today for what I consider a very important topic. It is pretty obvious when we look at the numbers that both heroin and nicotine are a deadly scourge that do absolutely nothing positive for the health of our amazing country. A while back on this blog (not too long ago though) I wrote about a topic that our lobbyist Scott Everette did a great write up on. In that post he gave a few quotes from a very important convention held in California regarding E-cigarettes. A couple of the quotes from that convention was really interesting. Take a look:

Scott Ballin, a former vice president of public policy for the American Heart Association: “There are significant differences in the risk of the various products out there. It’s what one does with the products that causes harm. Cigarette smoking and the use of combustible products causes the premature death of 400,000 Americans every year, but smokers switching to non-combustible nicotine products drop health risks dramatically. What I’m really for is reducing the disease and death caused by tobacco products.”

Dr. Sally Satel, a resident scholar and psychiatrist with the American Enterprise Institute: “E-cigarettes aren’t cigarettes. If there’s no tobacco in them, they can’t be combusted. “What they take in is a combination of water vapor and nicotine.” Public health professionals have accepted the use of methadone as a substitute for heroin, accepted needle exchange programs to prevent the spread of disease among drug addicts, and back the handing out of condoms to sexually active teens to reduce HIV, but remain vehemently opposed to e-cigarettes, which are significantly safer than lighting up. Lawmakers should make e-cigarettes more attractive than cigarettes in every way you can think of because you want to incentivize smokers to quit. Lawmakers should consider providing health care premium discounts for individuals who switch from combustible cigarettes to e-cigarettes. If every smoker were to switch to vapor tomorrow that would be an amazing public health moment,”


Okay, those quotes are very interesting but why am I sharing them again on today’s post? Well last night while I was internet stalking everything e-cig related I feel on to an article in Forbes. The headline reads:

Why Public Health Advocates Care More About Heroin Addicts Than Smokers

You can imagine that this headline raised my eyebrow a bit. I needed to read the whole thing, what could Forbes mean? Now keep in mind the quotes from our past blog and take a movement to read the whole summit write up if you want by just Clicking Here and lets go over what this latest article has to say.

1st important note: Here they are talking about the recent uptick in Heroin related deaths that we have recently seen.

forbes quote 1

Take note of the last Paragraph here. ⇑ Then check out the stats they talk about here. ⇓


Them 2 sections alone make some darn good points, but they do not stop there. They then break down what they (as 2 experienced addiction experts) Feel about e-cigs. Check out what they have to say here. ⇓

forbes 3

At this point in my reading I have to tell you that I am loving Forbes right now. These guys do not hold back either. Check out the tongue lashing they hand out to public health organizations.

forbes 4

It’s hard to imagine that with everything that has been shown in regards to electronic cigarettes we still have this type of “scare-mongering” (They said it I’m just quoting here. ) going on with our health organizations. Tobacco Cigarettes are so bad for you that they should be looking for anything to take its place. I mean yes, nothing you inhale besides clean air is GOOD for you, but methadone is not GOOD for people with a heroin addiction. The difference is Mom and Pop sell e-cigarettes big pharmacy sells methadone….at least that’s how it feels from our end. I hope we are wrong.

As always if you have any questions give me a shout to AccAnswer@gmail.com or for more information on how to make the switch off of burning tobacco and on to A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes drop by our website at acleancigarette.com. Thank you so much for stopping by today and I hope you will check out the rest of the blog. There is a ton of information you may find very useful!





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