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CleanCigaretteLogo(12If you are a returning reader to this blog, you have already met me.    Which is really cool and I appreciate you! If this is your first time here than, hello there! I’m Dawn. There is a little write up about myself on the Who’s Dawn page, but really who I am is just a regular everyday person who happens to have a nicotine addiction. I just no longer have a burning cigarette habit. When I found A Clean Cigarette brand e-cigs, I was able to upgrade my nicotine delivery method. For me that’s enough, for right now.

Regardless of whether you are a new visitor or a returning friend, today is going to be a little different for this blog.  Normally, I try to really inform you about e-cigarettes. That’s because I really care about helping people make the switch; I believe if people are informed they will be able to see why upgrading sooner rather than later is so important. Today though I really want to have the opportunity to meet YOU.

In this crazy internet fast world, some times its nice to see each other as more then just words on a screen.
In this crazy internet fast world, some times its nice to see each other as more then just words on a screen.

I am not just looking for a quick shout out though. I am looking to know something about you.  Let me back up a minute and explain where I’m coming from.

Working in the stores or at events with customers that are making the switch, is unlike any job I have ever had. I get to change lives, and not just random anonymous kinds of changes. I mean changes I get to hear about and experience with some of the most amazing and bright colored people possible! I hear about kids, and family stuff. I hear about celebration, and heart ache. I hear all of this because I care to hear the battles and victories they experience daily on the path to burning tobacco freedom.  It makes me able to help them with tips and tricks I have learned along my own path to an upgraded nicotine delivery system. When people come in they know we are excited to see them. Why wouldn’t we be? Of all the options out there they have chosen to let us join them in their victorious battle against burning tobacco.

I was thinking about one such victory when we did the podcast the other day, I briefly talked about a time when a man walked up to me tears in his eyes to shake my hand. He thanks me for helping him make the switch, which in his opinion saved his life. I was immediately humbled and elated all at the same time.  Here I am thankful that he has chosen to purchase products from us, I mean there are a lot of options out there, and he feels thankful to me. Wow! It’s an amazing story and thankfully not all that rare of one. We have really evened out the battle field with this technology.

I am contently graced by customers “selling” the switch for me. In the store it is common for a regular customer to step in when we are doing a new customer presentation to voice their opinions on A Clean Cigarette.  They are always very excited to let new customers know what a positive life change they feel the switch was and is for them.

Daily customers come in with updates on their work, homes and families. We get to know them on a person to person level. It’s amazing. It’s also something that is hard to duplicate on-line! But we are going to try!

Now you CAN! Make the switch, it's time to upgrade!
Now you CAN! Make the switch, it’s time to upgrade!

We want to hear from YOU. Have you made the switch? Are you just thinking about the switch and you wanted more info? Are you a non-smoker trying to learn something about e-cigs to help the one you love? Are you a sitting at the computer eating watermelon in a massive sweatshirt puffing on your E-cig? (that last one is exactly what I am doing right now! lol!) It doesn’t matter we want to hear from YOU! Leave a comment about you.

  Something as simple as a fast hello and a few words about what brought you here today is just fine! We would also love to hear any success stories that you would be willing to share!  Everything is okay! I know this won’t fill up right away, but join in one at a time or a bunch at once. It’s all good, I will be sitting here sipping on coffee looking forward to each and every comment from YOU.

Crazy good combination!
Crazy good combination!

As always, thanks for coming bye and feel free to email me at info.acc.reply@gmail.com.





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