Heavy Metals, and E-cigarettes

Hey guys its Dawn, your A Clean Cigarette blogger. Let me start today by giving a simple Why on something that I do at the beginning of every blog that I write. If you have been here before then you know what I am talking about, that very first line in this blog is almost Identical to the very same line in all of my blogs. It may seem very simple,  but there is a good reason why I do it. The thing is that some of my blogs, like this one, are science-based. I take a piece of science and I try to bring you the important bits of that science as truthfully as I can in an effort to keep all of us informed on research about electronic cigarettes.

So how does that relate to my introduction line? Because right in that 1st statement I want people to know that I work for A Clean Cigarette. I get paid to do these blogs by A Clean Cigarette. I want my readers to know that because you deserve to know. Even with that being said I can make a few promises to you.

  • I will provide sources and links to those sources whenever I am talking about a bit of Science. I encourage you to look for yourself at the data.
  • I will be upfront about the good and the bad. I have always said that nothing you inhale but clean air is good for you, e-cigarettes are not harmless. They would be horrible ideas for non-smokers. I just am glad to hear the vast amount of research coming back that indicates e-cigarettes are far less harmful than smoking burning tobacco cigarettes.
  • I will report my honest views. But they are still my views and my views alone. A Clean Cigarette does not make any claim to treat or cure any illnesses or disease.
  • I will NEVER say e-cigarettes are a good idea for non-smokers or young people. They are not. They are addictive. No one should willingly start an addiction, ever.

I really felt like before I started to tear into this next bit of “science” I needed to explain the why behind that simple thing that I do. Now let’s get to the unfortunate bit of information I stumbled on today.

Picture this:

***Scientist take devices from 56 individuals that they find at random places like vape conventions. They then tested the fluid and the individual for heavy metal. They find that there is an increase in the heavy metals produced due to contact with some types of heating coils. 

That is exactly the science that we saw come out of John Hopkins University this week. Click HERE to find the paper. It was published on NIH.GOV and of course, the media has had a hay day with it. None of them bother to say these levels were at or barely above “safe air” standards and less than burning tobacco in most cases.

Even with both of those qualifiers, there is still more to the story and a good reason I barely consider this “science”.

My issue? They only test 56 participants and they were daily vapers from places like cloud blowing conventions.

With so many different kinds of vapor devices on the shelves, it’s hard to know what brands are good and which are not. Make sure you ask questions and that whoever you are buying from is able to answer those questions.

Let’s think about it: Who is not surprised that at places like vape conventions where bigger is better and building your own device with materials you have on hand is a badge of pride, that the chance of finding 56 crappy quality, heavy metal laced coils goes way up. I mean really it could even be 56 great quality coils that were designed specifically for producing the heat required for huge clouds but way more then whats needed and you would might get heavy metals off of them.

We have seen in previous blogs that there have been a few mentions of this issue with heating coils. Some claim it’s about how many times the coil is heated up but all seem to agree that the quality of material used makes a huge difference. Yes, if you use a cheap steel filled with lead, it’s not gonna be your least harmful option. And if you use nickel plated wire to achieve a certain cloud or taste, that’s probably not good.

The unfortunate truth is that while the FDA has been busy trying to get us to put wording on our products like “This product contains tobacco”  they have not been able to put forward any real quality or safety standards for batteries or heating coils or ANY part of these devices. Even though companies like A Clean Cigarette believe that these safety standards are necessary for the industry. So it’s common for low quality and cheap materials to be used by many suppliers. Especially suppliers that have no intention of staying in this industry once there are safety standards set. They are here now getting the money while the money is easy, but the minute quality and safety standards hit, many of these types of companies will just take their profits and shut their doors.

To make matters worse it’s not hard to spend good money on bad quality devices. The sad truth is that in most vapor shops and stores that sell mods and tank models they do not sell their own devices. They may have a juice brand, but most likely the devices they offer will be from a wide variety of suppliers that they have no control of.

At A Clean Cigarette brand, electronic cigarettes always use the highest quality materials in every part of our product because it is our BRAND. It’s our name on the line and everything that the A Clean Cigarette family of smokers represents. We welcome the safety and quality standards because we feel confident that the already existing quality of our products will stand up to whatever standards they throw at us.

As far as this science though, take it for what it is worth and please feel free to take a peek at the study itself. It’s a really long piece of work for such a small amount participants, but it is John Hopkins so it’s at least worth the look, barley.

Thank you for stopping in. I hope that you found this information to be useful. If you did then please give it a share. Every click counts. Also if you would like information regarding A Clean Cigarette brand e-cigarettes feel free to check out our website at www.acleancigarette.com.  Thank you again for stopping in and I hope you have a spectacular day!!









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