Having some Vine fun at A Clean Cigarette! These short video’s are just plain funny!

CleanCigaretteLogo(13Hey there! Dawn again and today we are going to check in with the guys over at our Bay Road store! We actually started in the Bay City Mall in 2010 so Bay City holds a very special place in the heart of A Clean Cigarette. The amazing Bay City community has been great to us and we want to always be great for them.

Well you can imagine that having 5 years to grow in an area means that we have had time to get pretty darn creative! The team members over at the Bay location are certainly some of the most creative that we have to offer! They are contently coming up with amazing ideas. The ideas can range from simple comics like you have seen posted on some of our blogs and pages to customer participation events like Darts for A cartridge. Darts for a cartridge just means every customer that walks in to the Bay location has 3 chances to hit the bulls eye with a dart. If you do, we give you a refill cartridge to celebrate!

The Bay City Team Tom, Harold, Deleasha and Chad
The Bay City Team
Tom, Harold, Deleasha and Chad

Their ideas don’t just stop at creative though, some of them are strait out useful. Take our product improvement board. If you have ever been in to one of our many store locations then you probably have seen a small wooden board with various batteries sticking out of it. Each of those batteries is an example of a past product that we have improved. Some times the improvements are in the tech, some times the quality and life length, but each improvement is important. With the creation of the board, we can now show customers the steps we are always taking to bring YOU the very best available Cig-a-Like on the market.

Yellow Building
The Bay City Location. AKA: The Yellow Building

It is not surprising that Bay City came up with the product improvement board though, every type of product, or device we sell here at A Clean Cigarette has been through the Bay City gauntlet. Everything we are even thinking about putting on our shelves goes to this great group of people to be torn apart and inspected. We only want the best for our customers, and Bay City makes sure only the best ideas get through to the display shelves.

Not only every product you see from us comes through Bay City though, every employee does as well! Bay City is our main hub for employee training. When I first got hired in October of 2013, the very first store I had the pleasure of being at was Bay City.

Our product improvement board is just 1 example of a great Bay City Idea!
Our product improvement board is just 1 example of a great Bay City Idea!

It was love at first sight! This group of people rocked, they had passion, they were more then just motivated, They were on a mission. They still are! When they told me about the Commit to Switch jug I knew this was the place for me. You see the idea behind the Commit to Switch jug is that if when you come in you commit to put down the burning tobacco and switch your delivery method to a Cig-a-like electronic cigarette we will “buy” your unused traditional tobacco off of you. We give 1 cartridge per pack of cigarettes regardless of how many cigarettes you have left in that pack for each new customer that makes the commit to switch. When other people come in and see these jugs full of unused burning tobacco, they get inspired! If that many people can just toss that many packs of cigarettes to make the switch, maybe they can too! That’s a passionate and productive idea! It’s not often a company will give up bottom line profits for no other reason then to help motivate the customer change their life. What a blessing to be a part of this!

~~ WTG Bay City! ~~

The Commit to Switch jugs help people understand that now they CAN. It is time to commit!
The Commit to Switch jugs help people understand that now they CAN. It is time to commit!

With all of that info I guess it is not at all surprising that when A Clean Cigarette decided we wanted to get busy making some vine Video’s, this group of highly motivated amazing people started getting creative right away! Here are a few samples of what is coming out of this latest endeavor, but stay tuned for more. Something tells me our Bay City team is just getting warmed up! I for one can not wait to see what other great things they come up with!


To hear sound, just click the speaker icon that shows up on the bottom right corner of the video when you hold your mouse pointer over it. 


Tom and Harold making a great point!


Tom has something to say to Big Tobacco


Na na na na na na na na na na na na na Harold!


My personal favorite: A Clean Cigarette scares the crap right out of Big Tobacco!

Wow, if that is Bay City just getting started I can not wait to see what they come up with next! Well that’s the end of my blog post for this morning. I really hope you have got a laugh out of this like I have. If you have any thoughts, or questions feel free to leave a comment, check out our web site acleancigarette.com or drop me an email at info.acc.reply@gmail.com.

Thank you so much for being you!!





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