Having some fun and getting creative. Electronic Cigarette Style.

CleanCigaretteLogo(13Hey there, Dawn here, and today we have been flexing our creative minds over here at A Clean Cigarette. Getting creative and having fun doing it is an amazing part of an already amazing job. So how have we been getting creative over here?

Well you may have noticed our Customer Choice Voting Frenzy that was announced on FB last night. This creative idea is meant to drive up moral and over-all good feeling for both team members and customers. All the while giving you as a customer the chance to voice your opinion in a fun way. I hope you vote and I hope you enjoy yourself with this fun event! (Check out our FB page for full details!)

If that were as creative as we were going to get…..this would be a very short blog!   Have no fear, as most of you know I can ramble on for hours! Lucky for me, I don’t have to talk about random stuff, because the creativity is not going to stop with the Customer Choice vote.

I am proud to announce our next creative idea: A video studio (Thank you Eddie!!)

Yep that’s right. Very soon you are going to see the release of some much over-due A Clean Cigarette videos. Today was the first steps in that direction. After a long day of planning, thinking and being creative we now have our video studio far enough along to begin shooting. And that is just what we have done! Although we only had time for a few takes and a few ideas, creative juices were abundant and there will be much more to come.

Because I love you amazing blog followers I am giving you a only seen here, sneak peek at what the studio looks like. For what the videos are going to look like, stay tuned. We will start releasing them soon. We will not only post these videos on FB and this Blog we will also be posting them on Our YouTube Channel.

Shhh…These are just between you and me.


We know it’s still bare bones, but we are getting there!!
A special shout out to our very own Mr. Aaron. He is one of our amazing district managers that drove 2 hours to help us set this up and get this going!
There he is again. Just rocking the video set.









The first couple videos we are doing are informational. Mostly answers to commonly asked questions and stuff you need to know. No worries, they may be informational, but we tried not to leave out the entertainment side of things. There will be a whole mix of stuff released and I really hope that if you have something you would like to see on video you will drop me a line at AccAnswers@gmail.com or leave us a comment below. All ideas are valuable!

Thank you so much for visiting this blog. We work really hard to bring you current and important information on all things A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarette related. As a cig- a like product we know that we are not the most trendy product out there. We are very okay with that. We are not looking to be the next to habit. We are an alternative to an existing one. As such we have one goal in mind; a Cig-a-like product that taste as much like and feels as much like, burning tobacco as possible. That’s it.

If an alternative to the 600 ingredient 4000 chemical tar ridden nicotine delivery system that is a cigarette is what you are looking for.

 If getting tobacco free, but keeping your nicotine until you are ready to give it up is what you are aiming at.

If having a strong support system of people who have done the same thing you are trying to do sound like it would help.

Then if you have not done so yet, consider taking a look at A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes. We understand and we want to be here for you. Again, we are not trendy. We have very few flavors and most of them are tobacco flavors. We don’t have the big clouds or the huge machines that make them. But if you are looking for a clean cigarette, then you are looking for A Clean Cigarette.

Have a wonderful day everyone and again, thank you so much for coming by! Keep an eye out for the upcoming videos and don’t forget to cast your customer choice vote on our FB page!



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