Flash Back e-cig style: What was going on in February 1016 and what’s going on now.

CleanCigaretteLogo(1)resizeHello! Dawn again and I am glad that you are here. Today’s blog is a blog that I have been thinking about for a long while now. As you may know, I have been creating blogs for A Clean Cigarette brand e-cigs for nearly two years now. One of the benefits of this role is that I have a unique opportunity to see the trends in most current events related to electronic cigarettes.

There is a lot to this statement. Because trends are not just dictated by what’s going on in an industry, but instead they are dictated by what’s being reported on by the media in regards to an industry.

For instance, recently all we hear about in the media is the FDA’s Deeming rule in regards to electronic cigarettes, teen usage and the risk of lithium-ion batteries.

Keep in mind that many of these articles are regurgitated misinformation or reports on “studies” that have been seriously debunked as bad science. Such as the studies that show if you hook an electronic cigarette up to an electric source 15 to 150X the recommended power they will burn and create formaldehyde. (duh….so will EVERYTHING you make catch on fire.)

A few examples of current events right now regarding e-cigs:

E-Cig Risk: Teens Who Vape More Likely to Start Smoking Tobacco


Vapers beware: 10 things to know about e-cigarettes

But what about a year ago…before the FDA’s Deeming. What was the media reporting on? I did a quick Google search and here are a few of the first things to pop up.

E-cigarettes should be offered to smokers, say doctors

Royal College Of Physicians Says E-Cigarettes Can ‘Prevent Almost All The Harm From Smoking’

Doctor’s orders: Smokers should switch to e-cigarettes

UK doctors say smokers should be encouraged to use e-cigarettes


So what changed? What happened in the last year that suddenly made all the headlines go from promising to fear mongering? propoganda2

New studies? NOPE

New medical insights? NOPE

New health information? NOPE

New vocabulary deeming electronic cigarettes as tobacco in an effort to regulate the industry as tobacco versus a product to help beat tobacco?  YEP

That’s it, that’s all. The vocabulary changed and bam, media stopped reporting the news. Or at least that is how it kinda looks from this side of the blogger’s keyboard. Interesting eh?

There is not much more that I can say on this without getting myself in trouble, but I thought you all may want to see how current event trends in the media look through my eyes.

Thank you for stopping in and check back often for more A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarette blogs!






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