Five months of blog post all wrapped up with an easy to read, neat little bow.

CleanCigaretteLogo(13Hello again, Dawn here, your loyal A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarette blogger. Working hard to keep you informed on all things electronic cigarette related.  This blog has been around for 5 months now and we have covered electronic cigarette everything. We have talked about what electronic cigarettes are, the difference between our Cig-a-like products and other products, what effects burning tobacco has on the body and every current event related to electronic cigarettes that we could find.

In fact, all of this information adds up to nearly 150K words regarding this industry. Now I know that is a lot of information and there are not many of us that are interested in reading 150K words on ANY subject. Even one as important as this. So from time to time I do a “look back” blog post.  I do this in an effort to help you the reader get the information that you want without all the other stuff getting in the way.

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Well today is the day and to make it easy I am just going to list categories and links. Breeze through the large font titles and only stop on the ones that best fit your needs. Then skim the links available and click on the blog post that you want to read. Simple, you choose what works best for you.


Topic One: What’s in our electronic cigarette?

We have talked about this issue fairly often and I have a few great places for you to get completely informed on our ingredients.  One of the best ways to see exactly what is in an A Clean Cigarette brand nicotine cartridge is to visit our website at We have a complete 3rd party lab analysis of our product available there. Click HERE for a direct link to that lab work.  We encourage you to bring it in to your Doctor or Pharmacist for their feedback.

If you are less interested in trying to decipher a lab report than you would be with just a normal conversational break down, Click Here . If you know what’s in it but you would like to learn more about our main ingredients click HERE. Lastly, if you just want information on nicotine, click HERE.


Topic Two: Are E-cigarettes as harmful as burning tobacco cigarettes?


Well since we are not FDA approved it’s hard for us to say anything on this topic. Thank goodness there are other people saying what we can not claim. Such as Public Health England’s Claim that “Electronic cigarettes are around 95% less harmful than tobacco“. To see the blog post that talks more in-depth about their claims, Click HERE.

To see a logical break down between A Clean Cigarette Brand electronic cigarettes and burning tobacco, Click Here. If you want to learn more about what Experts and Doctors have to say on e-cigs, Click HERE or HERE. For a blog on one of the best systematic reviews available on electronic cigarettes, Click HERE.

For information on TAR, which is something that A Clean Cigarette does NOT contain click HERE !

Topic Three: Who is A Clean Cigarette? What is this company all about?

These are some of the first blogs that I wrote for A Clean Cigarette. Letting you know what we stand for is something I feel very passionate about. Every member of our team used A Clean Cigarette to switch off of burning tobacco. So we understand. We are here for you. Click Here or Here to see more about what and who we are at A Clean Cigarette.

Topic Four: What is a Cig-A-Like and why stick with it?

Electronic cigarettes and vapors come in a ton of shapes and sizes. Some are “tank models” which hold liquid and some are Mods, which means modifiable. Ours is by far the least trendy device around. It’s not designed to be trendy its designed to look and feel as much like a traditional burning cigarette as we can make it. We are constantly doing improvements to our electronic cigarettes in an effort to be the closest thing to a real cigarette that a fake can get. To learn more about the science around a Cig-a-like and what they are exactly Click HERE and HERE.

Topic Five: Why we don’t believe that “one size fits all” is an electronic cigarette term.

Unfortunately, one of the marketing strategies some e-cigarette makers, especially those made by big tobacco, was to send out free samples of bad cig-a-likes. All these samples were one nicotine size and most people did not like them. They also sell these low quality one size fits all brands in local gas stations and other convenience stores. The clerks at these stores know little to nothing in regards to electronic cigarettes. We did a couple of blog post on this matter Click HERE or HERE to find the best information on this topic.

Topic Six: What do our customers have to say about A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes? 

We can talk till we are blue in the face about all the reasons why switching nicotine delivery systems is a good idea. The thing is though we will never be as good at saying it as our customers are, and boy have they got a lot to say! We were able to fill a magazine with all their best amazing stories and reviews! If you want to know what the REAL experts have to say, our customers, then Click HERE or HERE or HERE. You can also click the our customers speak tab at the top of any page on this blog site. Listening to others who have made the switch is the best way for you to decide if A Clean Cigarette is right for you!

bestprojectTopic Seven: How life can change when you make the switch!

The blog posts on this topic speak for themselves. To hear more about how we can help you improve your quality of life just click HERE or HERE.


Topic Eight: What does make the switch really mean?

Want to know how to make the switch or how to use A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes? Click Here or Here for the best blog post for this topic.

Topic Nine: How much does this cost? Will you save money? 

Th average burning tobacco smoker will spend $590K in a life time on this form of nicotine delivery. Look what you could have with that kinda cash.

This is a subject that has a lot of variables. Click HERE to see how we compare to burning tobacco. When you are done there Click HERE to see what cigarettes are REALLY costing you!

Or you can Click HERE to see how to get Free A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes!

Topic Ten: Why a name like “A Clean Cigarette”?

Ever wonder why we picked this for our name? It’s certainly controversial isn’t it? Well Click HERE to see the reason for being!

Topic Eleven: Random stuff you may like! Or not!

Propaganda against electronic cigarettes that makes no sense. Why are some organizations working so hard to spread myths and strait out bull crap? : HERE or HERE or HERE.

Good news and upsides to A Clean Cigarette. HERE, HERE or HERE.


Do e-cigarette companies market to children? Some do but not here at A Clean Cigarette. Click HERE or HERE to read more. Also what do we do here to prevent nicotine poisoning in children? Click HERE to find out.Moonshot thinking

Electronic cigarettes are becoming a huge part of life today. Click HERE to see what the Do’s and Don’ts of Electronic cigarettes are.

Battery Safety; this is important please Click HERE to read about it!

For our most frequently asked questions and answers click HERE.

For a few of my favorite blog post Click HERE or HERE or HERE or HERE.

Nothings burning! Click HERE to see why that’s important.


Well there you have it. Not every post published is here, but this is a good start. Feel free to look around the blog site and see if there are other topics that you may want to read about. For some really valuable strait talk information be sure to visit our website at As always if you have any questions or electronic cigarette related topics you would like to see more information on email me directly at Thank you for visiting our electronic cigarette blog and we hope to see you again!






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