Finally someone sees that not every one in this industry is marketing to minors

CleanCigaretteLogo(13Hello again. Dawn here, thanks for stopping into the blog.  I search the internet looking for anything out there that may be electronic cigarette related. Today’s find is something I am really glad is going on. If you have read my past blog post you know that the topic of marketing to youth comes up often in this industry.

There is simpley no argument about this marketing. It is NOT made for a 50 year old farmer who has smoked for 35 of those years.
There is simply no argument about this marketing. It is NOT made for a 50 year old farmer who has smoked for 35 of those years.

I have always said that here at A Clean Cigarette we not only do not market to minors we don’t sell to them either. We don’t even sell to non-smokers. We are not on the business of getting people hooked on nicotine, we are in the business of switching them off of burning tobacco. That’s it. But we understand why so many people would worry about underhanded marketing to minors in this industry.

We have all seen some vapor companies who do have products that can not be denied as marketed towards kids. I means when something looks like candy or a favorite animated character it’s hard not to think kids will be drawn to it. That’s the kind of stuff kids are drawn to. smh

We agree, that’s why we do not do it. However, it’s so hard to get some people to understand the concept that not all companies are out to get children hooked on nicotine. Today though while I was doing my typical trip around the web looking for blog content I stumbled on something pretty cool.  It’s a small study published on internet marketing and electronic cigarettes. They monitored 2 electronic cigarette companies over about 2.5 years*. Their objective according to them:


What they concluded after a whole lot of work, (Read the whole study HERE.)  is something I truly appreciate them bring attention to. Now I know it’s a small study. With only 2 electronic cigarette companies mentions. I know it would be best if the study had more power behind it. But hey, it’s a start. Take a look at there results in their own words:



Pay special attention to the part in there that says “There was no evidence of direct targeting of vulnerable populations,”. When they say vulnerable populations, they mean children amongst others. The study highlights this issue more than one time in this study as well stating “We did not find any evidence that either brand targets vulnerable populations in their strategies*”  in the conclusion of the study. As a side note I was very pleased to see this:

I hope you can see why this is something I wanted to share with you. I know our customers already know who we are and that we stand by our word on not only not marketing to minors but also not selling to them.

Click to find our on-line store with free fast shipping to all 50 states!
Click to find our on-line store with free fast shipping to all 50 states!

Our products may not be trendy or cool but if you are looking to switch off the burning tobacco nicotine delivery method then we are your best bet. Our electronic cigarettes may not have gummy bear flavors but they will taste and feel as close to what you are currently smoking as possible. We are always updating our technology to bring you the best tool for the job.

Thank you so much for stopping in to the blog today. If you have any questions or blog content ideas drop me a line at If you want information on how to purchase A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes just click the image to the left or visit for our website and a complete list of store locations.



( *)  Sited to Chu KH, Sidhu AK, Valente TW



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