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Hey there, Dawn here again! I am so glad you have come to check out my blog! Today we have some crazy exciting news that I get to share with YOU! I have been waiting to share this news with you for a while now! I have made mention of it a few times but only vaguely. I have never provided information on how to obtain one. It’s packed full of information and customer testimonies. It is of course the A Clean Cigarette Magazine! 

It was a lot of work getting it created, edited and printed for sure! We had a ton of ideas. So many in fact not everything could make the cut. We got excited! Then fought it out a bit! When the dust settled our very own Mona Lee spent many nights working and re-working the layout in an effort to give you the very best that we possibly could. Here we have it …00.0000000

The A Clean Cigarette Magazine!


Pretty cool eh? We think so. We definitely put a lot of heart into it! We want it to inspire people to make the switch and we cannot wait to get this into the hands of every Doctor and every Lawmaker! This is us giving our customers voices, and they sure do have a lot to say!!

That’s how the whole magazine idea started to begin with. Our amazing customers are always sharing their stories and successes with us. We get so excited every time we get to hear their excitement and passion. Getting to be blessed with all these life changing testimonies made us think we should write them down and share them! So bam…the magazine idea is born!

Let me tell you, we had no idea how excited our customers would get over this idea! We started asking people to put their stories down on paper and in no time at all we had over 100 testimonies! We fit as many of those testimonies into this magazine as we could. You have seen a few of them here on the blog already. (I get excited about sharing their stories!)

As we were creating this magazine we thought that since we will have everyone’s attention we might as well do a little informing too! So, there is a ton of information on A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes. Filling the pages was certainly not the hard part. Picking what to leave out was. But we got through it!

mag unpack

If we thought making it was hard, unloading it was something else! Cary Lee, the founder of A Clean Cigarette, never does anything halfway. When he gets excited about an idea he goes big! The magazine was no different. So, now we have 40,000 copies. Now that’s a commitment to spread our customers stories right there!


We are going to need your help getting the word out though. If you know anyone who may benefit from this magazine and the stories inside it, please pass it along. If you have a Doctor or healthcare provider that you think may be interested in this, pass it along. They are free. Take as many as you will pass out! If you are just hearing about us we hope this magazine will inspire you to make the switch! If anyone is interested in a Free Copy of the magazine just e-mail me at AccAnswers@gmail.com. I will ship you one out right away or a few if you are willing to pass them along for us. Help us inform people how making the switch to an updated form of nicotine delivery can cut up to 600 ingredients and 4,000 chemicals plus tar out of your nicotine habit.

We really hope that you like it, and I will be making it available as an on-line version very soon. I will update this page with a link at the bottom when we do. Check back from time to time or just check our Facebook page. A link to our FB page is there ⇒ in the sidebar of this page. If you have not already done so, please give us a like! They all help, and we truly value each one!


The 1st A Clean Cigarette Magazine circulated addition ever! We are glad it found such a great home!
The 1st A Clean Cigarette Magazine circulated addition ever! We are glad it found such a great home!

Well that’s it from me today! I will leave you with a great big smile and a huge amount of excitement. I simply cannot wait to get these out to the public! Thank you for visiting today, and I hope you come back to check out this blog often. I try to keep it up to date and informative. If you have anything you would like to see blogged about here drop me an email at AccAnswers@gmail.com. If you would like more information on the products we offer visit acleancigarette.comHave a great night and Thank you!





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