Electronic Cigarettes: Our Customers have a lot to say about A Clean Cigarette!

CleanCigaretteLogo(12Hello out there.  It’s Dawn again and today we are going to have our monthly “Customers Speak” blog! This is one of my favorite blogs to do because, it gives our amazing customers a forum to tell their amazing stories. At A Clean Cigarette we value our customers over anything else. We think is shows through when they speak.  Helping people to help themselves is just one amazing part of this amazing career, it’s also the MOST amazing part in my opinion.  We would like to Thank, every single customer with special Thanks to the customers that leave us testimonies or share their stories. With out you, we could not be us!

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I am going to attach the store names that these customers frequent as well. Our amazing store teams go above and beyond the extra mile.  In an effort to give the credit where credit is due, please take note of what amazing store has been behind each of these awesome customer testimonies! Customer Service FTW!!



  • “Thanks to A Clean Cigarette I have been smoke free for one year now. I smoked for 30 years and that’s no lie. I can actually breathe now and have more energy than ever, no coughing either. My sister, Annette, and I quit together and we still can’t believe that we did it. I don’t even have to take my inhalers anymore, amazing! Thanks for everything. Thanks to A Clean Cigarette, they saved my life.” Darlene Stover


Bay City (Yellow Building)

  • “My wife has lung cancer and we agreed to quit together. Nothing else had worked. Once we found A Clean Cigarette quitting was easy. I have been using the product for four years and I had chewed for forty.” -Ivan Miller Sr.
  • “I was hooked on tobacco for 40+ years. Over the years I tried various quit-smoking products and failed miserably. A Clean Cigarette saved my life. I have been tobacco free now for 2yrs and 2 months. I no longer cough constantly. I breathe easier and I’m no longer winded while walking. This is an amazing product. I would either be dead or definitely still smoking if not for A Clean Cigarette. The workers are awesome at every store I have been to. I highly recommend this product to everyone I know who still smokes. A Clean Cigarette stands behind their products and they truly care about their well-being of their customers.” -Maureen Smith



  • “So far they are great. If I ever do have any problems they are eager to replace or whatever makes me happy. Smoking these for three plus years. Forty year smoker at one pack a day.” -Deborah L. Moomey



  • “Using an E-cig has been the only way to get me over the hump. June 10, 2011 was the last day I had an actual cigarette. I am thankful and my family is even more thankful.” -Aaron Moser
  • “I was smoking for a year going from a few cigarettes to almost 2 packs a day. It just kept getting worse until I tried A Clean Cigarette. After using it for about a week I realized a real cigarette wasn’t as good as my clean one. I felt like they were gross and I didn’t have to walk into a room smelling like an ashtray anymore. I love my e-cig and the great customer service I get at the store!” -Marissa Goetz


Mt. Pleasent

  • “Hello, I have smoked almost two packs of Marlboro’s for 16 years now which recently landed me in the hospital with pneumonia in both lung’s, edema of the heart and diabetes. I spent six days on oxygen and the strongest IV antibiotics you give a person! All the while, in the hospital I craved a cigarette so badly that I found myself trying to sneak off of the intensive care unit to smoke outside! I only was able to get in about three or four puffs off my cigarette. At this point, I didn’t know about A Clean Cigarette. Oh how I wish I had known about you guys because it would have saved me from starting back on a pack a day until I once again ended up with pneumonia again and breathing treatments and inhalers! My coworkers had to find an alternative for one of the client’s we care for at work because he was diagnosed with lung cancer. So, the gentleman I care for and my boss, who smoked 2 packs a day for 50 years, found A Clean Cigarette and once I saw it worked for both of them I ended up trying it as well, and I now have been tobacco free for 2 months now along with everyone at my work! In total, there is seven of us that now have totally quit smoking or have at least cut back tremendously! I owe my life, my health, my happiness to you, A Clean Cigarette! You, and your workers truly care and want us to stop smoking and get healthy. Thank you!” -Kimberley Faith Marie Raben



  • “I have been tobacco free for 5 years and love every minute of it. I can now walk a lot further than before. I smoked one pack of cigarettes a day for 13 years and I don’t miss them at all.” -Joan Buckley
  • “I started smoking my final year in college because I thought it would help with stress. I became addicted to cigarettes, I smoked for 3 years then went to another electronic cigarette which was not satisfying. I switched to A Clean Cigarette and found that it worked. I don’t smell like smoke anymore and it is satisfying.” -Tina Lysogorski



  • “I chewed a can of Grizzley a day for 20 years. It is a disgusting habit I no longer wanted. Now I use electronic cigarettes and feel better than I have in a long time. Feel free to change it up.” -Daniel Williams
  • “As A Clean Cigarette user, I have found that I breathe easier, wake up without dry mouth. I have found myself more active with my family. I save more money every month, my family likes not smelling the smoke and while in the car they no longer complain. I would recommend A Clean Cigarette to any smoker.” -Delbert Mathewson
  • “I smoked for 30 years! 100% off of tobacco for 4 months, I feel a lot better. My doctor says my lungs sound better.” -Martin Sternberg



  • “Great service! Love the product. I tried others, but this is the best! Great customer service. All employees seem very happy.” -Merry Dodos
  • I started smoking at 14 and went to a pack a day until my late 20s. I tried to quit with gum, but it didn’t work. I started with A Clean Cigarette 2 years ago and I am completely tobacco free!” -Sherry LaPoint



  • “To be completely honest, at first I never thought this would be possible because I literally tried everything. One day I finally found A Clean Cigarette in the mall and it has changed my life. Not only can I breathe better I smell better and others can definitely tell. I have a disabled child and she is on oxygen so A Clean Cigarette is the only thing that could replace my urge for a cigarette period. I smoked two packs of Newport 100s a day and I smoke 24mg menthol and they are great.” -Jamie Esckelson
  • “I was a smoker of 35 years. I tried almost every product on the market to quit with no success. Two years ago I tried A Clean Cigarette with 100% success! I don’t have any desire to go back to cigarettes. It doesn’t even bother me to be around people who smoke. Best choice I have ever made!” -Kris Fuller


These are just a few of our hundreds of testimonies! If you are interested in looking at more Click Here. Thank you again to every one of our very appreciated customers. If you would like to find out more about A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes check out our full updated website at acleancigarette.com! It’s easy to make the switch, as you can see from every ones kind words!

As always if you have any questions I can be reached directly at AccAnswers@gmail.com. Drop me a line any time I love to hear from each of you! Thanks for stopping by! I hope to see ya again!!





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