Electronic Cigarette updates: FDA, New Research.

Hello out there from Blogville USA. I am Dawn your loyal A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarette blogger and I am glad to be here. Thank you for making that possible by visiting, reading and sharing from this site.  Now on to the topic at hand.

There has been a lot happening in the Electronic Cigarette and since we only do this blog once a week sometimes the information comes out faster then we can get it to you. That is when I like to do a current event blog that covers a few different current events in a brief but informative way. That is what we will be doing today.


1st Topic


On August 2nd a full year after the first round of implementation by the FDA we see our first real indication that things will be happening at the federal level when it comes to all things nicotine delivery related. The press announcement which is titled “Comprehensive regulatory plan to shift trajectory of tobacco-related disease, death”  extended deadlines on some PMTA deadlines as well as laid out a timeline to help business better figure out what is coming next. Most of what they covered makes it look like the path towards FDA regulation for ENDS (Electronic nicotine delivery systems)will look a little bit like OTC (Over the counter) product paths mixed with good old-fashioned tobacco control.

They did not stop with electronic cigarettes and vapor products. They also detailed out the plan of limiting nicotine strength in burning tobacco products starting with a public comment period. According to the FDA since Nicotine is at the center of both issues, and burning tobacco kills millions of people a year, then lowering the nicotine available in cigarettes may help people switch to an e-cigarette or other nicotine options.  The purpose for this release in their own words: “to pursue lowering nicotine in cigarettes to non-addictive levels and create more predictability in tobacco regulation” . 

The jury is still out on whether or not the press release achieved the FDA’s goal. What we do know however is that its movement and movement is preferred to what we have gotten over the last year, which is silence. Stay tuned to the blog here and as soon as we know more, you will know more too.


2nd Topic

Electronic Cigarette Research

Oh, I love new research and today’s research is a little study that packs a big punch. All studies and research papers about electronic cigarette are great but studies that cover the second-hand risk of e-cigarettes are particularly hard to find so when new work comes out we are all over it.

The study itself is called “Characterisation of the Spatial and Temporal Dispersion Differences between Exhaled e-cigarette mist and Cigarette Smoke,” Which is a mouth full for sure, but worth it.  These guys took samples from the air for both burning tobacco and vapor “smoke” in a simulated bystander scenario. What did they find? Well nothing surprising but having proof of it is great. They found that vapor literally evaporates leaving no detectable trace. On the other hand, second-hand smoke from burning tobacco lingers in the breathable air until it is ventilated or dispersed.

This study is no high school project either. It is a combined effort from multiple Universities and scientific community members. take a peek at a clip I took from their front page. ⇓


Click for link to study.



3rd Topic


    More Electronic Cigarette Research

This study has us doing the happy dance, again!! Pass this information around, shares and likes can help spread this news.

Many of you may have heard me talk about the PATH study that the FDA has been funding since 2013. (PATH means: Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health). The study gathers research and data from smokers all across America and compiles that data for later research use. Well, the study released June 27th took some of that data from PATH and produced “Can e-Cigarettes and Pharmaceutical Aids Increase Smoking Cessation and Reduce Cigarette Consumption? Findings from a Nationally Representative Cohort of American Smokers.”  What they found was pretty interesting.

  “Our results indicate that [e-cigarettes] are a more popular choice than approved pharmaceutical products as a smoking cessation aid among US quit attempters, over three-quarters of whom were daily smokers.  In the future, as [vapor] products continue to evolve to make nicotine delivery more similar to that obtained from a cigarette, it is possible that they may play a bigger role in assisting smokers to quit combustible tobacco,” concluded the researchers.”

Yep, you read that right, whether the FDA considers us smoking cessation or not, apparently the people have spoken, at least the smokers have for sure. If you are interested in PATH studies you should check out this one, that says not only are e-cigarettes the preferred cessation tool but according to them, it’s the most successful too.


Like I said there is a lot going on in the electronic cigarette world. We only brushed on a few of them but I hope they were informative. If you see something in the headlines regarding e-cigarette and you can not find information about it here on the blog please reach out to me. You can leave a message below or drop me a line on our Facebook massager. I will get back with you as soon as possible! Helping you find answers is what this blog is about so don’t hesitate to ask questions.

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