Electronic cigarette propaganda meets public health, changing the way we think.

CleanCigaretteLogo(13Hey there Dawn again. Recently in this blog, we talked about a new study that England Public Health released. The entire report is amazing with quotes like “E-Cigarettes around 95% less harmful than tobacco” and “Consideration could be given to a proactive strategy to encourage disadvantaged smokers to quit smoking as quickly as possible including the use of EC, where appropriate, to help reduce health inequalities caused by smoking.” The document is chalked full of great quotes and really good news for the e-cigarette industry as a whole.

While all that is really cool, the report also focuses on something else that I would like to touch on today. Right on one of the 1st few pages is a forward letter penned by Duncan Selbie, Chief Executive, PHE. Let’s take a look at it. ⇓

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The truth is that most of the propaganda out there is not designed to lie to you, it is just very mis-leading. They know most of us do not read the whole article for instance so they make headlines that really do not match up with what the article has to say. Things like “New study shows E-cigarettes are up to 100 times more harmful that tobacco” or “E-cigarettes contain more formaldehyde than traditional cigarettes” but when you read the “study” it is a study of hundreds of types of e-cigarettes, all testing well and relatively safe, than an e-cigarette is hooked up to an outside power source making it burn at impossible to tolerate voltages creating what is known as “dry burn”. That means you would basically have to hook it up to your car battery to make the e-cig produces toxic levels. Don’t do that!!  If the article was not trying to be mis-leading it should say something like “Although toxins in e-cigarettes are way less than burning tobacco, if used wrong they can be harmful.” See that is a truth as far as the study they are quoting any way.

Now am I saying e-cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco, nope I am not aloud to. That is a huge issue. Why when even places like England public Health (which is like our NIH, National Institute of Health) claim that these e-cigarettes can save lives, can’t we do the same?

There are a lot of theories out there as to the “why” ranging from big pharmacy does not want to loose profit on smoking cessation devices, to big tobacco wants them as tobacco products so they can push small businesses like A Clean Cigarette out of the market via expensive regulatory requirements that big tobacco has no problem affording, un-like the rest of us. There is another theory that big government does not want to loose the “sin tax” revenue it has already borrowed against. The truth is, it is hard to say WHY we are getting so much resistance, but we are really thankful that it is starting to turn around. Check out this snip of the PHE’s document and what they think about all this misleading information.

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So the reason for resistance seems less important now that real health officials are seeing the incredible benefits to e-cigarettes.  Take not that even this claims that e-cigarettes are not 100% safe. We Agree! Completely!!  Nothing you inhale besides clean air is good for you. That is a simple truth.  God created the air for us to breath, if we had needed it to contain nicotine, he would have added it I bet. If though you are a burning tobacco smoker, consider updating your nicotine delivery system. It may not be 100% Safe, but you can see what PHE has to say about the situation. They are not the only ones either. If you would like to see the studies available on our own health organizations websites here in the USA, check out another blog I wrote found HERE. I tried hard to only include .gov and .org sites for my references and I hope you find it helpful.

If you want to see a more detail blog about the negative propaganda out there, and our response to it check out HERE. That blog post really goes into it with way more detail than this one does.

Well that’s enough of my rambling for now, as always thank you so much for visiting our blog. I work hard to bring you content that is informative, entertaining and most importantly important to YOU and your e-cigarettes rights.  Remember that you as consumers have the only real voice in this fight! Contact me at AccAnswers@gmail.com to find out how your voice can really make an impact in this fight! You can also drop me an E-mail there if you have any questions, concerns or content ideas! I love hearing from everyone! If you would like more information on making the switch to A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes, just visit our online store at acleancigarette.com. We are always available to help you. Thank you again! Have a great day out there!





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