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A Clean Cigarette Brand Logo_Blue_Green_SilverHello! Dawn here your ever chatty A Clean Cigarette blogger. Here today to talk about some exciting stuff. What stuff? You might ask…or you might already know what we will be talking about! I am of course referring to the information on electronic cigarettes at this year’s E-Cigarette Summit in Washington DC.

I have to start out by saying there is a ridiculous amount of electronic cigarette information that came out of this year’s summit. So much in fact, that if I am not careful this could be a 16-page blog. I am sure none of us wants that! So to keep it as simple and informative as possible I am going to get right to it:

Electronic Cigarette Information from the Summit!

As you may know, the Summit is a place where many speakers from a variety of backgrounds get together to share information with us and other folks in the electronic cigarette industry. We at A Clean Cigarette take this event very seriously every year because in this industry things change so fast that we need to have our year to the ground and where better to do that than a room full of industry experts, lawmakers, and physicians? Nowhere. There is nowhere better to get electronic cigarette information than that. Although, I would like to think this blog comes in pretty close as far as a source of information goes.

We briefly met the speakers in the last blog. In this blog, we won’t chat much about the individuals but about the messages that those individuals wanted to get across.  Even so, this will be a multi-part blog. Not sure if I am going to fit it all into two blogs but I will try. If not three should do it for sure.

Side note: PLEASE, gimme a little slack when it comes to the picture quality. Most of them that I share will be at an angle and with at least one head in the shot. It was the best I could do!

The messages:

Out of the UK:

These guys had a real change of heart from the last two summits. If we remember right they were all about making e-cigarettes a medical device. They even went so far as to create and promote a license for e-cig and vapor products that would allow them to contain nicotine and be sold as cessation tools. That was then

Now, however, they are singing an entirely different song. You see it turns out that folks do not want to have to get a prescription or worry about what products the government says are okay. So they found that by limiting the sales to a medicinal situation made the anti-smoking effects way less productive. In other words, fewer people were using e-cigarettes to get away from the much worse product burning tobacco.

Their answer?

Remove most of the medicinal end, loosen up the regulations and make it a consumer product. Because it turns out more people trust the retail and public worlds than the government to get their electronic cigarette information. Who’da thunk?

Regarding the youth vapor issue:

As I am sure you can imagine a huge part of this Summit revolved around the “youth vaping epidemic”. Pretty much every single speaker from every country had something to say on the issue. WHAT they had to say differed highly.

Here in the US., many were calling for increased regulatory and surveillance of this industry. Noting that new laws like the T21 law would be very useful in helping to keep these products out of the hands of kids. The theory on the T21 law, which is a law that raises the legal age to buy all tobacco products from 18 to 21, is that 18-year-olds can be seniors in High School. If an 18-year-old senior can buy and bring electronic cigarettes and burning tobacco to school than there is a good chance those kids will share with other kids who may or may not be underage. The risk of youth initiating youth is just too great when the age is set low enough to still be in school.

Side note from Dawn personally:

On the T21 law, I agree based on that argument. Previously I have leaned against the idea, but they make a valid point. Keeping cigarettes and electronic cigarettes out of the hands of kids is important. If raising the age to buy cigarettes and e-cigs to 21 helps get us there…okay.

As for the UK and their stance on the youth vaping issue, they were completely different than us. They also have a much better situation when it comes to youth vaping than we do.

Debrah Arnet one of the speakers out of the UK’s ASH (Actions on smoking and health) went so far as to say “If you want to control youth vaping, this is not the way to do it”. It seems that in the UK instead of calling youth use an epidemic or drawing any attention to it at all, they ignored it and instead focused on the products themselves. Branding them as boring quit aids for middle-aged smokers. Taking all the fun and rebellion out of it. Age restrictions yes, but more focus on advertising, plain box packaging, and health warnings.

Health Warning alongside Healthy Claims?

One of my favorite things that came out of the UK is adding health claims next to the health warnings. The picture below is a good example of what I am talking about:



Based on what I can tell the UK’s plan for electronic cigarette information is just to tell the truth. Tell consumers that are smokers these are better than those. Then tell non-smokers the truth and the youth the truth. There is still nicotine and it’s still addictive so don’t start. Finally tell the health community the truth. These products are shown to help people who will not or can not quit smoking to quit. In fact, they were trying so hard to be truthful I even heard one speaker say

Okay from Dawn Again:

This is me reporting what they said. We at A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes do not make any health claims. Nothing you inhale is good for you. Electronic cigarettes contain nicotine. Nicotine is addictive. If you are a never smoker of ANY age, never start. Even on an e-cigarette. (For more electronic cigarettes information visit Here or Here.)

The UK did not stop with just e-cigarettes either. They focused squarely on the burning tobacco cigarette over this last year. In their opinion, if they make the burning tobacco cigarette less potent, less convenient and more expensive then they will help instigate smokers to make the switch to the “better” alternative of electronic cigarettes.

Final talking points for the electronic cigarette information:

  • A surprisingly high number of current electronic cigarette users claim that their EC gives greater satisfaction than it’s burning tobacco counterpart.
  • They believe that big tobacco will be fighting harder than ever to get the industry regulated the way that they want.
  • If a never smoker starts nicotine with a vape device they are still more likely to quit that than a smoker quitting smoking.
  • Claimed duel users smoke less than those who only use burning tobacco…… Errr duh? 
  • Long term use of electronic cigarette is acceptable for those that switch 100% off burning tobacco. If they can not quit the e-cig it should still be viewed as a better alternative to burning tobacco use.
  • The role of shop owners is really important.
  • Implementing electronic cigarettes into prisons helps with the violence level and injury rate.

Out of Australia:

Unlike the UK which had a handful of speakers at the event, Australia just had one. Prof. Colin Mendelsohn from Sydney. He spoke about the fact that they are very anti-vaping. Even stating that when it comes to e-cigarette there is “pretty much universal opposition”. In fact, vape with nicotine is not technically allowed for sale in the country. Which is why almost everyone in Australia buys their fluids on-line.

In AU all nicotine is considered a poison and as such, it is illegal without a script. With one exception, the patch. According to Mendelsohn e-cigarettes are about to make that list.

While I do not have much more to report from the AU there is one more important talking point that came out of the presentaion. Prof Colin is a strong supporter of flavors. He showed some studies that showed that more users tended towards flavors rather than menthol and non-menthol tobacco flavor alternatives.

Of course we here at A Clean Cigarette has data that shows the opposite and in fact, we believe the only reason people tend towards sweet flavors is that they are pushed at the vape shop level to buy a wider and wider range of products.

1451 words?!?!

Okay, so we are already at the 1451 word mark and I am nowhere near the end of the electronic cigarette information that came out of this year’s electronic cigarette summit.  We still have all of this to cover:

  • Juul (it was mentioned well over a hundred times during this thing so I think it’s worth its own bulletin point lol)
  • CDC (Centers for Disease Control)
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Cannada
  • Physicians information

See that’s a bunch of information that still needs to be shared.

The problem is that if I tried to cover all of them here, you guys would be reading for hours. Or worse yet clicking off the blog before reading the great electronic cigarette information that we want to share.

With that in mind, we are going to wrap up the day saying that it looks like the UK is really starting to figure this out. Just make it boring and tell the truth to everyone involved. I tend to agree with their sentiments.  I have to say though that I did enjoy the slight ribbing the UK speakers gave the US speakers about catching up with the times. No matter how hard I tried I could not hold a straight face any of the times that I heard it.

I hope that you found this blog informative! Below are a few pics from the big day if you want to flip through them. Some contain slides of the presentations you may enjoy peeking at. (you may see a few of these again in the next blog.)

Thanks for stopping in and as always if you would like to reach me directlyy e-mail dawn@acleancigaretteblog.com or leave me a message on our Facebook page. If you would like more information on the A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarette visit www.acleancigarette.com. 



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