Electronic Cigarette Etiquette: What we need to know.

Hello!! Dawn here, and today we are going to talk about a topic that is a bit of a sore spot for me.  Picture this:

You’re in a restaurant and two tables over there is a big cloud blowing vapor user smogging up the place. Not just puffing a little for nicotine. In fact, he is being so obtuse that the cloud is hanging visibly in the air above his table and the surrounding area.  People are are looking and scowling in his direction and you can hear a group of women at a nearby table commenting on how bad “those things” are.

Even though you are not the one they are complaining about you are embarrassed and uncomfortable. Quietly you tuck your Cig-A-Like electronic cigarette, which has little to no cloud but does deliver your needed nicotine, out of sight so that they do not lump you in with “those things”.

Whether you are on a public bus, eating at a restaurant or attending a show at the local movie theater this is a scene that is, unfortunately, all too common, and it shouldn’t be.

Think about it, we as an industry count on public support to help make things happen for us. When ill-mannered “cloud” blowers cause disruption in public by being inconsiderate, they work against our goals.  The sad truth is that the people doing the most harm to our industry are people who swear to love and support it the loudest. Meanwhile, those of us who only use simple electronic cigarettes as an alternative nicotine delivery to burning tobacco are feeling the proverbial heat.

However, cloud blowing in public is not the only etiquette issue plaguing us as a whole. Today let’s look at a few simple do’s and don’ts of nicotine delivery.

Do: Be mindful of those around you. Any amount of cloud blown directly into another person’s face is just inconsiderate and rude. Also, it could get you hit! JS…

Don’t: Use electronic cigarettes in k-12 schools. Think about it, we are role models for kids. Even though electronic cigarettes are not the same as burning tobacco, they are still not okay for our children. So just don’t. Don’t be “that guy” that makes it look interesting to young impressionable minds. It’s a jerk thing to do.

Do: Take proper care of your electronic cigarette cartridges. The mess that cigarettes butts of the past left on earth does not need to be repeated. At a very minimum, throw those spent cartridges in an appropriate disposal system. OR if you are an A Clean Cigarette customer, bring them back to us to recycle them. We will pay you .5 cents each AND do all the work! It’s a win-win!

We are hoping that with all the evidence that has been coming forward regarding electronic cigarettes; evidence like Public Health England saying that “electronic cigarettes are 95% less harmful than smoking.”  that signs like these will fall to the wayside. Until then it’s up to us to be mindful of this industries public reputation. 

Don’t: Allow Children access to your nicotine! Ever. Never Ever. It’s addictive and dangerous when ingested. There is no reason to do this and it should never happen.

Do: Keep your nicotine in a safe place so that the last don’t, does not happen unintentionally. Accidents happen, but they happen less if we keep stuff up and out of reach and sight of kids.

Don’t: Use electronic cigarettes or vapor devices on public transit or in confined places like elevators. We as smokers are used to haveing to wait to have a cigarette, we can wait to get off the crowded transit systems to get our fix. It’s just a polite thing to do.

Do: Tell your story. If you have used electronic cigarettes to switch off of burning tobacco then tell people. Spreading success stories is the best way you can help sway public opinion on these products in the right direction.

Don’t: Let questions go unanswered. If a friend or a loved one has concerns, don’t just dismiss them. Of course, they are worried about you! If you can not answer them, we probably can. Check here on the blog OR drop me a line at AccAnswers@gmail.com OR stop into any of our locations. We are always willing to help and we are really great at answering questions because this is all we do. We are smokers, like you, who have made the switch and now devote ourselves to knowing our products inside and out.

Do: Share the information with your doctors and medical providers. It’s these guy’s job to take care of you. They can not do it without all the information. Feel free to stop into any A Clean Cigarette store for a complete medical information packet. Each packet includes a lab analysis of what’s in our product as well as an evidence guide designed to show information on the available studies and clinical trials regarding electronic cigarettes. (Or if you need one mailed to you drop me a line to AccAnswers@gmail.com, I will personally get one, or more, out to you ASAP!)

If we recycle used cartridges, images like this could be a thing of the past! Yet another way updating nicotine delivery devices can better the world if we do it right!

Do: Ask if you can use your e-cigarette when around other people. It’s just a polite courtesy. Showing respect will get us respect.

Don’t: Act better than smokers. Inform and educate but remember what it was like to be a traditional burning tobacco smoker. They get enough judgment from other sources they do not need it from us.

Do: Practice stealth e-cig use while out and about. Unlike burning tobacco that is stinky and hard to miss, electronic cigarettes can be hit, then held in a few seconds to reduce the vapor that is emitted. If they don’t know you are using an e-cigarette, they won’t care! This is the best option much of the time!

So there you have it, I know it seems like a long list but most of the things on here are just general common sense. Some people will disagree with a few of these “rules”, arguing that e-cigarettes are nothing like traditional cigarettes and we should be able to enjoy them when, where and how we want. But the reality is we can’t, yet. We need to work on establishing a good reputation, first. Do what you want with your e-cigarette at home.  But when you’re in the eyes of the public, keep it classy, be polite, keep kids in mind and educate. It is really that simple.

ALSO, DO: Tell people about A Clean Cigarette: Keeping it simple since 2010!

Have a great day and if you feel like giving this information a share, it would me a lot to me and our industry.





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