Electronic Cigarette Blog: A Look Back At Some Powerful Information.

Hello! Dawn here again and today we are going to review a few of the past blogs that we have posted here that are either a bit older, so they are all but forgotten about, OR they are so powerful and jam-packed with information that we think they should get a little longer in the lime lite.  You may have read the posts that I am sharing now in the past, you may not have. Either way, these blogs have a lot of great information and are worth the read when you have time!

We will be looking at blogs regarding e-cig research as well as blogs regarding burning tobacco and how each nicotine delivery system affects our bodies as well as the people around us. So grab some popcorn (or if you are me, Coffee because Coffee keeps this Dawn happy! ) and pull up a chair for some fun information that may just help more smokers, help smokers.

The first blog that I would like to highlight is all about the ways Burning tobacco Effects the body. It’s one of our most viewed blogs and was published way back in our first year we did the blog, 2015.  Click the banner below to take a look. 

The next post I felt we should share is all about one particular component of burning tobacco. It is arguably the most harmful component of the very deadly nicotine delivery system and without argument the dirtiest part of tobacco cigarettes….The Tar.

Okay, so the next blog post I will share is really a great companion piece to the last blog. This blog which comes to us from a guest blogger talks all about how to clean that nasty, sticky tar. Let’s face it, tar sticks to everything so some tips and tricks to getting this pesky stuff out of hair, clothing and off walls could be really helpful. (I hope it is!)

Our next featured blog really hits on a question I hear a lot. It was posted as a simple answer to a common question and when it was published it made quite the splash. Take a peek for your self.

So now we have talked about burning tobacco and we have talked about A Clean Cigarette. Seems logical that the next post to share would take these two products and compare them to each other…right? Well, that’s what this blog does so here you go!

Alright so there is the comparison to burning tobacco, but what makes A Clean Cigarette different from other companies in our own industry. (and almost everyone else for that matter. lol) Take a peek to see for yourself.

So the second to last post that I will share today is one that is a MUST read for all A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes users. It helps us understand the biggest side effect of electronic nicotine delivery systems: Dry Mouth. What causes it and what can be done about it? (Rember to stay hydrated!)

I hope that taking a look at these past blogs will help answer questions in an informative and entertaining way. My goal here is to help as many smokers as possible. With that in mind our last blog, that I am going to share is a reshare of a very recent post. This post was only published two weeks ago, and most of you have probably seen it. That being said when information this good comes out, it deserves to be seen by as many people as possible. So share again I will!

Well, that’s it for this week’s blog! As always thank you for checking this site out and if you would like more information on A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarette please visit our website for a complete locations list as well as our online store.  Again thank you for stopping in and I hope you will check back each week!





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