E-cigs as a youth gateway? Maybe not according to research.

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Hey guys, Dawn here again and I have to say that today’s blog is an interesting one. Or at least it’s interesting to me, and I hope it will be interesting to you as well. In a world where the “youth vaping epidemic” is in the news all the time. With messages designed to convince the public that e-cigs are not only attracting kids, they are also a “gateway” to smoking for these same youths.

Fortunately though not everyone relies on headlines for facts.

In the center of the storm

So unless you have been living under a rock (Or work crazy long hours) then you are probably aware of whats going on in flavored e-cigarette news at both the state and federal levels. Currently, we are in a holding pattern at the center of the storm. Unfortunately, there is a huge fight still to come. Some of that is based on the claim that e-cigarettes are a gateway for youth smoking and flavors are one of the major attractors.

Truth is we agree that some flavors like “Unicorn Fart” and “Fruit Loops” are an issue. Whether they are as big an issue as the media and powers-that-be would like us to think they are is yet to be seen.  But are e-cigarettes really the gateway drug they have been painted to be? Well a group of researchers out of the University of California, San Francisco says that may not be the case.

According to this study which was published in Nicotine & Tobacco Research, which is a reputable publication known for not allowing any type of tobacco funding. According to this study while e-cigarettes can lead to smoking so can many other life events. Inept parenting, social status ect… You know, the typical gateways…


This research is so groundbreaking in a time where youth vaping is front and center that even those folks who oppose e-cigarettes and flavored vapes can’t help report on it. Even when the research goes against their gateway argument and they don’t want to report on it.

Take Bloomberg for instance. Their founder Michael Bloomberg, has campaigned and even given money in support of a ban on flavored e-cigarettes and tobacco. He is an active opponent of this industry. Yet even they had to cover this major event. In fact, it must have hurt to have to add this quote about the validity of these findings:

“The research by Arielle Selya at Sanford Research in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Sooyong Kim at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks was supported by the University of North Dakota, the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the National Institute for General Medical Sciences.”

At least they are reporting the truth on e-cigs as gateway products vs their own opinions. That’s more then we can say for some news agencies.

Is that the only research in the news?

Glad you asked!

No, it’s not the only research in the headlines right now. I am sure you have heard about the vaping related lung illnesses right? Okay, I’ll admit that’s a stupid question since that news was pushed out so fast they never even had the time to fact check. While the harm that mass the resent mass propaganda did to the industry is huge. At least now the truth is coming out. According to this article in the Washington Examiner, a study recently published by a board out of the very respectable Mayo Clinic they have confirmed that none of the lung illnesses are in any way linked with nicotine-containing e-cigarettes.

Say what?

Yes, you heard it right. Regardless of what the headlines or health agencies would like you to believe nicotine e-liquid is NOT the issue.  What is the issue? Well as best as they can tell counterfeit THC cartridges bought at the black market street level. Not that that is surprising to any of us in the industry. I am pretty sure we called that back when there were only 100 cases vs the over 1,000 cases currently being looked at.

To wrap it all up

The e-cigarette and vaping industry is huge. It is an industry that did not start with the1% and trickle down to us. No, it started with us smokers and now the 1% are trying to get control of the money it is generating. They never thought that this would be what it is. A real option for real smokers that really works. To put it bluntly, they are afraid. Afraid to see their interest in tobacco becomes worthless and afraid that their lack of interest in vaping is costing them even more. All we can say is follow the money and you will see who is really profiting from all this propaganda and government over-reach. While you will probably find all the typical players it may surprise you who else will find…

I sure hope this information is useful. I also hope that you will keep checking back here for your e-cigarette news. Being informed is important. Being an informed buyer is power.

Thanks, guys!






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