E-Cig Quick Guide: What’s up with the FDA?

Hello everyone! Dawn here, your loyal A Clean Cigarette blogger. Here again to bring you all things e-cig, vape or burning tobacco related. Well, this week there is a bunch to talk about. Not all of it new news but all of it important. Most of it straight from the FDA.

The problem is that with all the different headlines, news articles and social media posts that are circulating it can be fairly hard to sort out the facts from the fiction when it comes to the e-cig industry as a whole. So today I am going to take the important stuff out of the latest headlines and put it here in an easy to read E-Cig Quick Guide to what’s really going on.  I will list an example of some headlines you might see being talked about right now. It will be easy to see why people are up in arms.

After we have the list of headlines out of the way then I will give you a short story on what they are really trying to say.

The Headline Claims:

“FDA to shut down all flavored nicotine products”

“Gottlieb pulls vapes from convenient store shelves.”

“E-Cigs Now Only Available in Menthol, Mint and Tobacco”

“FDA puts a stop to menthol in cigarettes.”

“Big tobacco takes a big hit as the FDA goes after menthol cigarettes.”

“Gottlieb keeps promise: A battle against youth vaping””

“Big Tobacco up in arms as FDA threatens to regulate nicotine content in Cigarettes”

“Menthol Cigarettes and Flavored Cigars take a huge hit by the FDA”


Phew, that’s a heck of a list, and some of those headlines could have us smokers of both e-cigarettes and combustible cigarettes sweating. But what are they all talking about and how does it really affect us as A Clean Cigarette brand e-cig users.

What you need to know:

  • Most if not all of the headlines above come directly out of an FDA press release that you can find HERE.

The simple facts by topic

Nicotine levels in combustible cigarettes:

Okay on this one I need a quick disclaimer. WE are not claiming what I am about to say. I am simply reporting on news and quoting the folks at the FDA who make these press releases. 

Okay so according to Scott Gottlieb the Director of the FDA while e-cigarettes are not harmless and all sales to non-smokers of any kind should be avoided. Due to the obvious risk of nicotine addiction. They are in fact, so much less harmful than burning tobacco that all smokers should be encouraged to switch. (It’s awesome to hear them say it even if we can’t claim it!)

One path the FDA is choosing to accomplish that encouragement of the switch is to make combustible cigarettes less attractive. Now, they can’t by law technically require the removal of ALL nicotine from tobacco products, but they can make the nicotine levels very near to 0. The theory is that true nicotine addicts would migrate to e-cigarettes.

This is the one headline that was not covered in that FDA Press release. We actually say movement on this issue last spring when the FDA released an advance notice of proposed rulemaking. You can find that HERE.


Menthol Flavoring removed from combustible cigarettes:

Yes, that is exactly what the FDA said in the press release. They have also said it could take up to 2 years to really put into motion. So no need to panic yet, but they are definitely looking at the removal of menthol from the combustible cigarette line up. The reason is for the exact same reason that we talked about above regarding the lowering of nicotine. To make cigarettes less attractive.

They are not JUST trying to make cigs less attractive though. For their part, the FDA is so convinced of the lives that could be saved by e-cigarettes that they are NOT removing menthol or mint from convinces store e-cig sales. Just the combustible ones.


E-cigs now only available in Menthol, Mint and Tobacco:

Okay, this one is a little confusing when you read the headlines, but it’s really very simple. All flavored e-cigarettes and vapor products other than Menthol, Mint and Tobacco may be pulled from convenience store shelves. So no flavors will be sold in gas stations other than those three. However, stand-alone stores like the kind that A Clean Cigarette has will be able to sell all flavors including the Menthol mint and tobacco.

The FDA holds no punches on the fact that most of the kids who are currently using nicotine devices are getting them from local gas stations and convenience stores. According to Gottlieb flavored products will be harder for them to obtain if they are only sold in age-restricted stand-alone stores.

So basically for A Clean Cigarette customers, this new set of regulations will not be affecting you. (See I told ya it was going to be alright )

So that it, all those headlines and all that confusion boiled down.

Key Points.

  • They will be lowering nicotine levels in cigarettes.
  • They have proposed the removal of menthol from combustible cigarettes and flavors from cigars.
  • You will soon not be able to buy any e-cigarette or vapor product that is flavored other than mint, menthol or tobacco in convenience stores
  • All currently available flavors will still be available in stand-alone store locations.

It’s as simple as that. If you have any questions or would like to reach out to me about any e-cig topic, drop me a line on our Facebook Page or leave me a comment below. If you are looking for more information about A Clean Cigarette visit www.ACleanCigarette.com.

Hope this info helped!








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