Does the FDA think E-Cigarettes are saving lives one puff at a time?

Could E-Cigarettes be the way of the future?

Hey there and welcome! Dawn here and I had great plans for today’s blog. I was going to make a really fun announcement about some great things happening over here at  A Clean Cigarette. And while those things are still happening I had to change my mind on blog post topics when my inbox started going crazy this week.And boy did it go crazy!I received emails from all sorts of places.

So what happened in the e-cigarette industry that had customers, co-workers, associations and news agencies all pinging my inbox at a record rate? The FDA of course and a couple of announcements that have completely blown the E-Cigarette industry outa the water, in all of the right ways!

See a few of the FDA related headlines for yourself:

The FDA Is Scrapping the Obama-Era Approach to E-Cig Regulation. Good.

It’s unclear what a reduced-nicotine cigarette will be, but vaping is the future, and the plan is good for vaping. By 

The FDA just gave a huge gift to e-cigarette makers

The FDA did not stop there though, on top of delaying the deeming regulations (Read about them here.) they have also made announcements about changes that may be coming to the burning tobacco regulations. It seems they want to make burning tobacco less attractive to smokers, while making e-cigarettes more attractive to smokers!
However the FDA did not JUST delay the deeming requirements, they did a couple other things at the same time. First, they hinted that in addition to the deeming delay, they may very well start promoting e-cigarettes as a viable smoking cessation product and as a tobacco harm reduction product. Of course, many of our customers who already use their A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes as means to quit (Even though we do not promote it as a quit smoking aid…yet.) are not going to be surprised by the news. The FDA did not stop there either.  In addition, the FDA has proposed regulations which would require burning tobacco brands to reduce their nicotine content in burning tobacco cigarettes.
Prof Dorothy Hatsukam
Associate Director of Cancer Prevention and Control
Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota
Reducing nicotine levels in burning tobacco cigarettes is an idea we have seen mentioned recently. It was just one of the many ideas that we heard tossed around at the e-cigarette summit by Prof. Dorothy Hatsukam.
During the blog post, we did on Prof Dorothy Hatsukam’s Summit lecture I had made comment to the fact that I did not think it was a situation we would see in the near future, and boy was I wrong! Here we are only 3 months from the summit and suddenly it is a very real situation. While I can not comment on whether I think that part of the FDA’s plan is a good idea or not, I do think that it is very plausible that the FDA may attempt to open the way for e-cigarettes and vapor products to be the nicotine delivery product of the future.
This whole thing is all so new though that I am still reading my way through all of the available information. It’s a pretty safe bet that we will be doing more blog post regarding these developments. So, check back often if you are as curious as I am to see where this will lead!
In the mean time, if you would like to ask questions or share information with me that you think would help please feel free to either leave a comment below OR drop me a line to Also, if you have not made the switch but would like more information on making the switch check out our website at
Thank you so much for stopping in and I look forward to making that huge announcement that I made mention to at the beginning of this post, it will happen! But not until next week  I hope to see you then!



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