David Vs.Goliath. It’s a Family thing.

sun_familyHi everyone. It’s just me Dawn again I hope everyone is having a good day. Tonight I am going to talk about the Family that is A Clean Cigarette. I have heard of companies in the past that are more like family than a place of work. I have even worked at a couple that have had a extremely close nit group of co-workers, but nothing like what I have experienced here. A Clean Cigarette is not just a group of people who work together. We are a group of people brought together by passion through a common enemy. Every single one of us has used the product to switch away from our burning tobacco habits. Although there have been a few rough spots, when the dust settled, we have all beat the battle against the burning tobacco nicotine delivery system. We have won the fight and now we all want to see other people win the fight too!

How often in this world do we get to change history? To really make a true impact on a human beings life. Real every day people, with real stories to tell. Working here means that we get that chance nearly every day. Think about that. Every day the people at A Clean Cigarette are walking step in step with other people on the same journey we have been through ourselves. Life changing steps!CleanCigaretteLogo(1)

We are not doctors, most of us do not have masters’ degrees. A few of us, barley got through High School at best.  What we are is customers 1st. We have been where every single person that walks through our doors is at. There may be different themes to the stories, but all of us have one. Listening to your life and your journey is what WE do. Why? Because someone did that for us 1st. All of us were on the other side of the counter at some point.  All of us got passionate at our success! We have made the switch! Now we can not help but think, let’s Switch EVERYONE! Let’s beat Goliath Tobacco! We are David, but if history tells us anything, it’s that it’s not wise to count out the underdog.

So yeah, we are different then any “work” place I have ever seen. We are all Victors on one heck of a journey. We are all blessed to be writing history. To be a part of so many amazing lives and stories. WE have a bond that can not happen with out a battle. When you battle next to some one, you may laugh, you may cry, not everyone will get along 100% of the time, we are not always at our best. Things are up and things are down. Ideas blaze and tempers flare. Most of all a family takes shape. A brotherhood/sisterhood of different people and different stories with one goal, one battle that unites them.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many people ask me if we are hiring on a daily basis. They have the passion now too! They are customers who have a real want to join the fight. They are the loved ones of lives we have been able to touch! They are every day people who want to be a part of this amazing moment in time. Unfortunately, we can not hire everyone, but that has not stopped our customers from fighting on anyway! A large part of our customer base is word of mouth. It’s how we built our small mall kiosk into 19 separate brick and mortar locations. Our customers are our best sales representatives!  It’s not uncommon for our customers to give testimony to a new customer who is in the store for the 1st time. Imagine that, you are looking to buy something and while looking at it other customers are stopping their day to tell you how amazing that product is and how you should buy it because it works! That’s amazing (mind = blown) ! We love them for that, we are proud and honored to be part of that.

Just recently we started to open up our on-line side of things. We are even going to update our web site soon and while we are at it, make our cart system even easier than it already is.  We have always done on-line sales, but our online presence is not what we concentrated on. We just did not know if we could spread our passion on-line like we can in person. How can we be a part of YOUR story and your journey if we are not with YOU. That’s where this blog comes in, with this we think we can. This gives our on-line customers a forum to find exactly what they need. From anonymous information to one on one help. We want it to fit YOUR needs. We want to start changing lives across the entire country and we want to walk with you. That’s why I have the AccAnswers@gmail.com email that I post at the end of every single page.  We want to make it easy for you to contact us. So I check it all the time, and I respond. If you need a real person to talk to I can do that for you. If you have questions I have answers. If I do not know the answer, I WILL find some one who does. I will listen, someone did it for me 1st.

Let us be a part of your story. Make the switch to A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes, the best Cig-a-like on the market.

Okay that’s all for me today. Thank you all so much!! You are appreciated! As always check our Web Page out at acleancigarette.com.



The Team, each and every member of the our team has made the switch! We understand!
The Team, each and every member of the our team has made the switch! We understand!

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