David Vs.Goliath. It’s a Family thing.

It’s the weekend and it’s time for a re-blog! Dawn here reporting from beautiful Saratoga Springs NY. I have so much information to share with you all that some times really important bits can get buried in the archives under all the other blog content. That’s why we do Re-blog weekends. I pick something from the past worth talking about again. Today’s re-blog is all about the family that is A Clean Cigarette. Take a moment if you will and let me really introduce ourselves again or for the 1st time. Thank you!


A Clean Cigarette Blog

sun_familyHi everyone. It’s just me Dawn again I hope everyone is having a good day. Tonight I am going to talk about the Family that is A Clean Cigarette. I have heard of companies in the past that are more like family than a place of work. I have even worked at a couple that have had a extremely close nit group of co-workers, but nothing like what I have experienced here. A Clean Cigarette is not just a group of people who work together. We are a group of people brought together by passion through a common enemy. Every single one of us has used the product to switch away from our burning tobacco habits. Although there have been a few rough spots, when the dust settled, we have all beat the battle against the burning tobacco nicotine delivery system. We have won the fight and now we all want…

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