Covid-19 is a Jerk. (Shipping Information)

Covid-19 is a Jerk. (Shipping Information)

Hey guys, its Dawn here. You may have noticed that I have not been around, you may not have. Unfortunately, Covid-19 is a jerk and as a furloughed worker, I had to step away.

While I have not been called back yet I did volunteer to do this blog so I could explain whats going on.

***Special Call Out to the Ladies in our Shipping Dept. They have stepped into a bunch of roles including taking care of our FB. They are definitely being rock stars considering the situation! ***

Speaking of shipping:

Like I said above our shipping dept is basically holding A Clean Cigarette together right now. The limited employees we can have in that area at the same time makes things worse. But we are proud to say those ladies have done it. Shipping as many as 200 packages in a single day.

They have never fallen behind either. It’s been impressive, to say the least.


They never counted on USPS (United States Postal Service) suddenly going crazy. I mean what good does it do us, or our customers, if the packages are shipped out fast but then end up spending a week in Tennesse? Especially since that package was supposed to go from our facility in Michigan to a residence in ….Michigan.

Why the H@#$ is it in Tennessee?!?! We can not answer that.

Due to the USPS situation, our hands are tied.

As for why we use USPS, it’s simple. At USPS a package of a couple 5 packs cost approx $3.50. At other places like FEDEX that same package would cost between $11-$12. We never wanted to pass this expense to you guys. We never had to either because before Covid-19 the USPS delivered 95% of deliveries in 2 to 3 days. We had no way of knowing that this would happen. But we want to help.

One of the things that we can do is provide a tracking number. If you call the post office with that number they will be able to help you far better than we can. They can see where your package is and when it is going to move again. For those of you who are having these issues please know that we will help in any way we can, Reach out let us see what we can do but it’s mostly out of our hands once the package leaves our hands.


On another note, I have been hearing random things that are floating around about us. Let’s talk about them.


  1. We are closing down for good…………………………..NO!!!! Freaking Absolutely NOT~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. We are running out of product ………… Kinda. There are a few things we are low on. It’s Covid-19 for pete-sakes. Everyone is having supply issues. Some of these flavors will never come back. We do not know between Covid_19 and the PMTA deadline what we are going to look like when the dust settles. But we intend to be here for you no matter what comes.


Thank you

No matter what happens moving forward, I would like to say thank you to all of you. EVERY time we needed you you guys have been here and we have always strived to return the favor. For my part, I am honored to have be a part of this great community. I look forward to when all this is over so we can have more of these little chats.

Stay Safe Everyone and Thank you




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