COPD + E-cigs + Science = Good News

]Hello again! Dawn here your loyal A Clean Cigarette blogger and today we are going to talk about something that affects more than 20% of my fellow smokers here in America each year. To put it another way, 37.8 million people currently smoke in America, 20% of that number is over 7.5 Million people. That’s a lot of loved ones.  Based on those numbers you have probably guess I am talking about Smoking-related COPD.

As smokers, we know what COPD is for the most part and we know that if we smoke our likelihood of getting COPD is pretty high.  Many of us also know that it is a miserable illness that robs its victims of not only their quality of life, but in many cases, it robs them of life itself. Most of us may not realize however that COPD not only effects the smokers who smoke, it can and does happen to non-smokers who happen to be near second-hand smoke too often. That means in most cases it’s the people that are closest to and around the smoker the most that end up with a deadly smoking-related illness. Even when they don’t smoke themselves.

We also know as smokers that if we could just quit smoking then we would have a huge chance at never getting or even battling smoking-related COPD. We also know that is easier said than done. For many of us smokers, we kind of just understood we were going to die of a smoking-related illness and COPD was a very likely candidate. And then we found the e-cigarette.

Electronic Cigarettes

These things gave us nicotine and what looked like smoke, but without the fire. They also give us an alternative to burning tobacco and in the case of E-cigarette brands like A Clean Cigarette, it gives us a real shot at successfully switching completely off of that burning tobacco. For those of us without COPD, the math was simple. Maybe if we switch we will never have to get it. Maybe.

But that leaves us with a question:

What about smokers who find e-cigarettes AFTER they have been diagnosed with COPD?


Okay before I go on and tell you what the science is saying on this topic I need to do a little appeasing the legal type folks. Here are a few disclaimers: 

****A Clean Cigarette shares and reports on studies and research here on this blog. We are not claiming ANYTHING about this research other than people with way more skills at research than us, did the research. Most of the studies we share on this blog are peer reviewed and we try to always provide a source link to bring you directly to the info. So you can make informed decisions.

****A Clean Cigarette brand e-cigarettes and ALL e-cigarettes are not harmless products. NOTHING you put into your lungs other than clean air is good for you or harmless. We are however a great alternative to nicotine delivery that does not have the tar, the stink, the ash or the smoke that dirty burning tobacco has. Oh, and we are about 600 fewer ingredients too.

*** A Clean Cigarette contain nicotine. Nicotine is addictive. That is true regardless of how it’s delivered. So it is addictive in e-cigarettes too. If you are a never smoker, never start even on an electronic cigarette or vapor product. You can and will get addicted to nicotine and in no way is that a good thing. Ever.

Electronic Cigarettes + COPD + Science =?

I can not speak for my teammates but I can definitely say that I myself have heard questions like this one many times from behind the counter. Can COPD patients use Electronic Cigarette?

As a rule, my answer to this question is that if you can inhale a cigarette you can inhale an e-cigarette. Anything is better for your condition than burning tobacco use. But now there appears to be some science that answers that question so much better than I ever could. The study itself is a purchase rights study. It was finished a while back, but it was only recently published. This article entitled “Electronic Cigarette Use May Reverse the Harm Resulting From Tobacco Smoking in COPD Patients, Even in the Long Term”  has a great write up and link to the abstract.

  Let’s take a peek at some of its Key findings here.

  • “Respiratory infections and COPD symptoms were reduced by around half
  • Switching showed consistently improved overall health status and physical activity for participants.
  • The relapse rate to smoking was low, at only 8.3%. (Compared to around 90% from licensed NRTs IE: the patch and gum).
  •  “the finding that COPD exacerbations were halved in patients who stopped or considerably reduced their smoking habit following switching to ECs was an important finding that confirms the potential for harm reversal of these products”.
  • The Author noted: “While the sample size in the study was relatively small, the results may provide preliminary evidence that long-term use of ECs is unlikely to result in substantial health concerns in COPD patients”, said the authors. “Quitting smoking is a key strategy not only to prevent the onset of COPD but also to stop its progression to more severe disease stages. Given that many COPD patients continue smoking despite their symptoms, the electronic cigarette could be an effective and safe alternative to the tobacco cigarettes also in this vulnerable population. Over an observation period of 3 years, only two patients (8.3%) relapsed to cigarette smoking, and both patients were dual users,” added Polosa. This is an important consideration, given that smokers with COPD are known to perform poorly in smoking-cessation programs because of their high relapse rate. Dr. Caponetto, a co-researcher, suggested that the low rate of relapse of COPD smokers who switched to EC in this study is due to “the fact that ECs reproduce the smoking experience and accompanying rituals with large compensatory effect at both physical and behavioural levels.”

To put it all more plainly.

According to this research, switching to an electronic cigarette is great for the COPD patient. Not only does it get them off the burning tobacco cigarette that gave them the disease and reduce COPD symptoms. It also may reverse some of the damage done to us by the respitory illness.

That means that electronic cigarettes are the first option a COPD suffers have ever had for a burning tobacco alternative. As the authors said it’s not just the nicotine that makes e-cigarettes work it’s the mimicking of rituals. We are smokers, we want to smoke, according to them, e-cigarettes give smokers that not only without making their COPD worse. but perhaps making it better.

For my part

Keep in mind we are NOT claiming any of that. We are reporting on this research done by a third party. I will say however that many times I myself have helped customers with COPD. Many times those customers report an improvement in their symptoms. Up until now, I had thought it was JUST about getting off burning tobacco. After these reults though I am very curious to find out if e-cigarettes have the potential of harm reversal. As happy as we would be about that, I am betting the 8 million COPD suffers will be even happier.

While we here at A Clean Cigarette are excited about this research we also know we need more. One of the main purposes of this blog is to keep folks up to date with current electronic cigarette and vapor research. I take this part of my job very seriously and will keep my ear to the ground. Whenever new stuff hits I will do my best to do the footwork for you. Getting you all the information so you can see for yourself what is coming out as the science gets stronger. So stay tuned.

If you or a loved one have COPD and are looking for a burning tobacco alternative.

If you or a loved one is still smoking burning tobacco and you have COPD, we have an option. Check us out at to learn how we can help you. Even if you are not near one of our 20 Michigan stores. There you will find a complete online store. As well as a customer service number. It will get you directly to a live representative to help you during business hours. If you have questions or comments about electronic cigarettes, vapor products or anything smoking related. Drop me a comment below or visit me on our Facebook page to leave a message.

Thank you so much for visiting me today. Please consider sharing this information. This one is super important. All science is great but science that shows how important electronic cigarettes are to the millions affected by smoking-related illnesses. Is freaking awesome. Awesome needs shared. Please share! Thank you and thank you again for visiting this blog.





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